Zoo tycoon 2 runtime error

I am using Windows 8.1. When I attempt to run Web Explorer, I get a runtime error R6025 that indevelops around “pure virtual feature call.” This error does not show up every time, yet once in a while, it shows up. How to resolve this error?

Runtime Error R6025 or “Runtime Error R6025 Pure Virtual Function Call” warning might appear once particular programs or procedures are required to soptimal.

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<1> This error is frequently regarded the Visual C++ structure and also occurs due to the lacking certain components or incompatibility via third-party software program.

This error message indevelops that certain program tried to contact a “pure virtual function” yet the speak to wasn’t valid. We have the right to show this case via an instance. Imagine that you are playing an online game and the server is dvery own. In this case, your computer system could deliver a runtime error message.

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However, in basic, this Runtime Error R6025 increates that specific regime is corrupted and cannot perform. Besides, just favor many other Windows problems and errors, this one could also be led to by the problems through Regisattempt. Thus, Runtime Error R6025 might be motivated by some incorrect modifications in the Windows Registry.<2>

Display Driver updates deserve to help to deal with Runtime Error R6025 on Windows. If it shows that the finest upday is currently mounted go for the second option and search for motorists on Windows Update.

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Method 2: Rollago and Reinstall Driver

Press Windows key + R and cpl, then Enter. Try uninstalling AutoCAD, Visual Studio 2013, Bing Deskpeak or other equivalent programs. Then reboot. Or follow these steps:

Close the routine that brought about Runtime Error R6025.Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete at the same time to open the Task Manager.When in Task Manager, click the Processes tab and also pick the Image Name.In the list uncover the application that resulted in the runtime error, click it and also pick End Process.Close the Task Manager.Go to Start -> Control Panel – > Add/Remove Programs under the Programs section.In the list of the installed programs find the application that triggered the error and uninstall it.Close the Control Panel.Click Start and also in the Search field enter “Cleanmgr” and also press Enter.Choose the drive wbelow you have set up the regimen (often it is a “C” drive). Check all the options and click OK. Then, select Delete files.Rebegin your computer system.Reinstall the regimen.

Method 4: Clean Boot Windows

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