Youtube comment failed to post 2017

Whenever before I follow conversation web links from the notice bell, I can't leave comment replies. It always states "Comment failed to post." The only workabout is to repack the video's web page without the conversation parameter in the URL (the "&lc=" parameter in the URL).

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Has anyone else encountered this?


that's why i prefer text options even more than videos. I watched some 3-minute lengthy video that didn't solved my concern and you resolved. Too negative those "video tutorials" they are height in google search. And they make 3-minute videos that could've been 10 seconds video.

I dont obtain just how it functioned perfectly in the previous and currently they messed with it and it doesnt work-related. Like what are they actually doing over there?

Raised it below prior to and also sent it to Google Support.

It has actually been 3 months and my ticket acquired no answer so I don't think anypoint is going to take place.

My topic on this gained a couple of human being sharing how they have actually a similar endure as they can't respond to their viewers periodically yet that's about it. YT/Google are also busy screwing things up

Only means to acquire roughly this is rerelocating the comment part of the URL, or using the TubeBuddy chrome expansion to reply to comments from within the notice home window.

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Yep. Kept obtaining it, deleted that portion of the URL and all of a sudden it works.

It's been doing this to me for months. The brand-new notice system takes you to the comment straight quite than letting you reply in the alert home window itself, and also I'd constantly acquire "comment faicaused post". My workapproximately wregarding simply go to Google, which at the moment still supplied the old notice mechanism, and also reply there. They've swapped to a new alert device on Google which appears like it doesn't permit you to reply, only view the comment.

Sometimes I swear Google is simply wanting us not to comment.

Sometimes I swear Google is just wanting us not to comment.

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I'm pretty sure that this is the expush function of the "overhaul". In combination via the ever before stricter rules on monetization, I believe we're looking at Google turning Youtube into an internet version of a run-of-the-mill TV station. "You"Tube my ass.


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