Your disk cache folder is on a drive

Disk has actually plenty of space yet obtaining Error; "Your disk cache folder is on a drive that does not have sufficient obtainable space" !

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I have actually an outside 240GB SSD dedicated to my Media & Disk Cache for AE. I have Maximum Disk Cache Size set to 210GB. Only 21GB of my SSD is presently being offered yet every time I open up AE i obtain the adhering to error;

"Your disk cache folder is on a drive that does not have actually sufficient accessible space to safely keep the amount mentioned in you choices. Please make even more space obtainable or go to Media & Disk Cache choices to change the folder or maximum disk cache size."

I have experimented via transforming the disk cache side from 150GB to 210GB and also getting same error. 

I also tried deleting and Purging both my RAM and also Disk Cache the arrowhead message persists. 

Does anyone understand just how I have the right to resolve? AE caching & previews have actually been especially slow-moving lately (virtually unusable), may this error be bring about the problem?

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