Your digital id name cannot be found

BTW, if this is the initially time you making use of the encrypted messeras, please make certain you"ve alsoimported yourowncertificate.

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Please inspect this kb, and also follow the suggestions in it:

BTW, if this is the initially time you using the encrypted messperiods, please make certain you"ve alsoimported yourowncertificate.


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This solution should fix most signed or encrypted email issuesyou have in Outlook 2010 that are especially assigned via getting just this error (if you are acquiring other errors then try the actions below)

The difficulty with the email is that either you perform not have a certificate to decrypt the message or you both have actually certificates and also they just require some settings reconfigured.

If you aren’t sure if you have certs, please VERIFY step 1. (Go to step 2 if you understand you have actually one)

If you execute not choose to buy a PKI simply to open an email, then have actually your sender sfinish you emails that are not signed or encrypted. If this is not feasible then buying a cert is a should.

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Go to Outlook, Click:



Trust Center

Trust Center Settings

Email Security

Next to the settings button must be the cert title, Close Outlook and also go to action 2.

If it is blank and also you click settings and you are able to pick a cert utilizing the Choose switch then do it and also hit ok.

If they are empty you will need to buy one, there are plenty of ExternalCertificate Authorities you have the right to select from.

Exchanging emails with DOD use:ORC

Exchanging emails through normal ppl: Also the above, yet tbelow is a complimentary one offered by Comoperform (I haven"t tried it myself)


Please attempt these steps:

Go to Net Explorer:


Net Options





Check boxes: Client Authentication & Secure Email

Hit OK, Cshed all windows.


Click Start

Type MMC (in the search programs and records bar)


Hit Ctrl + M

Double click Certificates

My User Account


Certificates – Current User

Other People


Delete trouble senders certificates

Close – Save consingle settings to Console1 yes.

Step 4

Go to Outlook

Delete the contact

Have call sfinish Signed email

Right click reply senders name

Add to contacts

Click Certificates




Explicitly Trust this Certificate

Hit ok, Save & Cshed.

Have contact send Encrypted email

Right click reply senders name

Add to contacts


Save & Close contact


No links permitted right here so: Search militarycac in internet browser, select dod certs, Downfill and install the latest version of Install Root ) Militarycac *.MSI variation, tbelow is a Non admin version which functions excellent for domajor settings.

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Once installed Right click and also subscribe to ECA root, then install certificates and also conserve settings. This will add and correct any kind of cert chain, that gained messed up.