Your browser does not recognize any of the video formats available

When i go to this video i obtain this message "Your browser does not presently recognize any of the video layouts available"Yet when i go look at, it states my Firefox internet browser supports whatever tright here. And chrome plays the video through zero difficulties. What the heck google..

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If you usage any type of extensions choose YouTube Flash Player, YouTube Flash Video Player, or any type of others that force Flash on the website, uninstall them because Flash is history on YouTube. Hopetotally that will enable HTML5 playago to work-related generally.

If none of the replies assist, what Windows version perform you run and also watch

I've been having actually the same concern via brand-new youtube uplots the past few days, I've tried disabling plugins, safe mode, clearing cache etc to no use, Any various other suggestions?

It works fine in Chrome though I simply tried in Opera and faientice tright here on the exact same videos.

Any other suggestions?


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Does my link occupational for you now? Because it began to job-related for me without doing anything on my part, my suspicion is that youtube serves a different format to different browsers users and perhaps converting the video to that format is done later/sreduced than the format they are moving to various other browsers.

media.mediaresource.enabledmedia.mediasource.webm.enabledmedia.mediasource.mp4.enabledEnabling the initially one here solved my problem.I tried all the recommended fixes including safe mode and also this is the only thing that did the trick.

Late to the party yet hopefully this helps later for others in search of a deal with.

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Thank you!!! I've been having actually the exact same trouble via Chrome, which made me keep on switching in between assorted browsers to play YT clips. I've been maintaining up through the updays, clearing cache, cookies and so on, nothing worked. Sometimes videos would certainly play if you retained on refreshing the page however it was annoying and random. I just unset up flash and it's all playing effortlessly again!


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