Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available chrome

Recently I have begun obtaining the following message in Firefox on around fifty percent the videos on YouTube, forcing me to usage Chrome "Your web browser does not currently identify any kind of of the video styles available":


When I acquire this I have to open Chrome and paste the URL in there to watch the video which is insanely annoying. Opening the details web page ( reflects the following:


How can I (A) find out what styles the video has actually, and (B) exactly how to make Firefox support those formats?

(This is the latest variation of Firefox, I carry out prompt updates whenever new versions come out. The present variation is 49.0.2. This is a Windows box.)

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This problem developed when I watch a YouTube live video through Firefox on Ubuntu.

You watching: Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available chrome

Installing ffmpeg fixed my problem:

superform apt install ffmpeg or

Same settle on Fedora 26 Workterminal through Firefox 56 (x64):

superform dnf install ffmpeg

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Tyler, as others have mentioned Firefox supports HTML5 video natively. If your Firefox installation does not, please attempt the complying with steps:

First, disable all the add-ons in your browser and also attempt visiting Youtube aobtain. If Youtube works, you deserve to go via and allow single add-ons at a time, experimentation each time to make sure video plays appropriately.

Next, if you"re still not able to play Youtube videos natively, remove Firefox entirely and then go to and downpack a fresh copy of the latest version and install it.

UPDATE: More clarity on HTML5

HTML 5 is essentially a container, a WAY to provide video, it is not the video codec itself.

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In the image you present, the HTMLVideoElement is the code that Youtube uses that the web browser knows exactly how to manage, yet it doesn"t actually encode the video, it"s just the container the video is ceded in.

The video itself need to be encoded in among a number of styles, which are the various other components of the picture: h264, WebM, MSE, and so on.

So, your browser knows just how to take care of the container, however it need to likewise understand exactly how to take care of the encoding styles itself, and that is wright here your trouble lies.

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If you look into the Stats For Nerds that
Scott Chamberlain mentions in his comment above, you will never before watch HTMLVideoElement provided as the encoding format. You will, however, find each Youtube video is encoded making use of h264 or WebM or MSE, and also, once aget, this is what your browser is failing to do and also what you must troubleshoot, and the steps I"ve outlined over are the correct initially actions to doing so.