You cannot delete this outlook data file. configuration information in the file is being copied

In recent times, tright here have actually been many kind of cases where individuals are complaining to enrespond to an error while deleting Outlook data file records from Outlook. When they are trying to delete an Outlook data file, the Outlook is mirroring an error stating, “You cannot delete this Outlook data paper.” This is just how the user sees it on the computer display screen.


The customers that have actually complained around this error are making use of assorted versions of Outlook from older versions to 2010 and also 2016.

Why is this happening?

After rebrowsing the error and also why it is happening, we have actually come throughout many kind of cases. These can be from any kind of of the below-discussed situations:

Running multiple procedures of OutlookOutlook.exe is running or provided by another applicationPST file is still opened up and also offered by OutlookCorrupt Outlook information fileHow to deal with it?

Now, as we have actually debated the error and recognize the quick facts about it, let’s relocate towards addressing it:

Solution 1: Cshed Outlook and also End Processes

It is not a solution however a technique. If you are unable to delete an Outlook data document, then tbelow are possibilities that Outlook is open, or some instances are running.

So, try to shut all the running instances of Outlook and also Outlook itself. Once you shut whatever down, attempt again to delete the Outlook data file. You deserve to end all the running tasks via Task Manager on your device. For this push Ctrl+Shift+Esc altogether and this will certainly open the Task Manager. Now go to the Processes tab in the Task Manager and also examine for any kind of running Outlook processes. If you check out any type of running Outlook process, simply finish it by making a right-click it and also choosing End Task from the given options.

Equipment 2: Close PST from Outlook

Users face this worry in Outlook 2013 or 2010 is once they import Outlook records from older versions prefer 2003. Then the only solution in such a case is to go to the Outlook directly and close the file.

You watching: You cannot delete this outlook data file. configuration information in the file is being copied

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Once you have actually opened up Outlook now, make a right-click on the PST file you desire to close and also click on the Close “Outlook Data File” option.

Once this is done, attempt deleting the Outlook file and also check out if it functions.

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Solution 3: Rerelocate the totality Outlook profile

If none of the above-pointed out approaches are working for you, you can attempt rerelocating the entirety Outlook profile related to the PST file. For this, ssuggest go to the Control Panel and also click Mail and also choose Sexactly how profiles from tright here. Now choose the Outlook profile and click on the Remove button.

Systems 4: Fix the PST Documents Corruption

As we have questioned, the corruption in the Outlook file might bring about this error and also solving the corruption in the file is the method to resolve this difficulty. To fix the corruption in the Outlook file, you deserve to usage an automated tool choose Kernel for Outlook PST Recoincredibly. This tool repairs and also recovers all sorts of PST documents in just a couple of measures, which deserve to easily be percreated by also beginners. The tool can settle corruption, transform a PST file to many type of other formats, and also also recover deleted emails in a PST file and conserve the repaired file at the preferred place.


In this photo, the tool has repaired the corrupt PST file and also is currently asking to conserve it at a preferred place and also also providing the choices to recover deleted emails.

What if you have actually deleted an essential PST by mistake?

Sometimes, it may additionally happen that while trying to delete PSTs, you may delete a critical or wrong file by mistake. In such a situation, we would recommend you usage Kernel for Windows Data Recovery to recuperate the shed and also permanently deleted PST papers.

The tool can recover deleted documents, and also here is a screenshot of the tool wright here it has respanned all the deleted data from the mechanism and also currently asking the user to conserve the reextended information at the desired location.



So, this was all about error “You Cannot Delete this Outlook Documents File” and just how to resolve it. We began by stating the error and also described how it happens and offered its miscellaneous solutions. We questioned how to rerelocate corruption from the PST using om an automated tool and exactly how one have the right to recoup deleted PST file from the system with an additional tool. Hope this blog aided you resolve the issue.