You are currently not using a display attached to an nvidia gpu windows 10

If you are utilizing an NVIDIA gpu on your Windows 10 device tbelow is a slight opportunity that you might witness an error message on your device ‘You are not currently making use of a display screen attached to an NVIDIA GPU‘. If you are dealing with this problem go through these simple fixes to resolve the problem.

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Fix 1 – Uninstall the display screen adapters

Sometimes a corrupted driver may throw up this error message on your computer system.

1. Press Windows key+X from your keyboard.

2. Then you need to click the “Device Manager“.


3. Then expand also the area dubbed “Display adapters“.

4. After that, right-click on the NVIDIA graphics driver. Then, click on the “Uninstall device*.


5. In this panel, check package alongside the option “Delete the driver software program for this device“.

6. If you encounter a second prompt for confirmation, click on “Uninstall“.


Once the driver is unmounted from your device, close the Device Manager.

Then, restart your device.

*<NOTE– If you are dealing with this difficulty on a laptop, you might check out an additional driver in the ‘Display adapter’ area. This is the integrated graphics driver. Follow the actions we have actually debated above and also uninstall it from your computer system.



Install the NVIDIA driver on your computer

1. Go to the NVIDIA site to download the driver.

2. Here you have to select “Product type“, “Product series“, “Product“, “Operating System“, “Windows Driver Type“, “Downpack Type” according to your graphics card specifications.

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3. To search for the latest driver, click on the “Search“.


5. Then, click “Download” to download the driver.

6. Once the driver is downloaded, go to the downfill place, After that, double-click on it to start the installation procedure of the driver.


7. While installing the driver, check the “Perform a clean installation” choice.

8. Then you need to click on “Next“.


Complete the installation process and also restart your computer system afterwards.


If you have actually unmounted the Intel HD graphics driver from your computer system, you have to install the latest version of the Intel HD graphics driver.

Go to the Intel driver downfill settings or go to your lapheight manufacturer webwebsite to downfill the latest driver.


Fix 2 – Plug your monitor to NVIDIA GPU port

Plug your monitor to the NVIDIA GPU port rather of the included graphics port.

1. Shut dvery own your computer system.

2. Look at the backside of the cabinet. Now, you need to inspect that the monitor is connected to the NVIDIA GPU port (situated at the reduced part of the cabinet).

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If you check out that the monitor cable is associated through the included graphics card (situated in the middle portion of the cabinet), plug in the cable to the NVIDIA gpu port.