Yoga pro 2 screen flicker



I am having an problem through a Yoga 2 pro. After an unfigured out size of time from 5 mintues to 2 hours. the display will certainly start to flash. I have actually tried to reinstall the video driver, tried to make it occur by shaking it difficult to try and also uncover a physical fault. I have additionally tried a reinstevery one of the OS (as an upgrade not a complete wipe bereason I did not want to lose everything on the system). I have actually likewise transforms resolution and refresh prices.

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I have actually also done multiple searches on this problem however have not discovered any type of factor why it would certainly be doing this. It currently has windows 10 pro installed on it. 

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Someone else likewise had this problem. I aided that "person" solved it. First, tell me once you buy it, does the screen go flickering.

You"re not alone my friends!All Yoga 2 Pro individuals are plagued via flicker concern for years now and also never before addressed it to be solved. Like many kind of others tiny worries.I strongly recommfinish to READ THIS.

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I know that post currently. Someone shelp if they keep their brightness on 50% or below, nothing happens.

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I settle the problem by plugging in the power supply and also removing as soon as I"m running on battery clears the trouble until I shutdown or battery runs low. I"m thinking possibly I might require a battery readjust because it is about 4 years old and also I use that mode quite a little. Also was reasoning feasible recent software program changes since the problem has just started happening in addition to power-up problem requiring "NOVO" power-up. 

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Just wondering what graphics chipset your YOGA is using. You can go to the gadget manager to perform that.

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