Xbox one shuts off when starting game

My one s is working fine apps are excellent netoccupational connection is excellent its been properly cleaned apps are working fine no noises game hub states tright here is no troubles the console is functioning appropriately everything about it but when iattempt to play games disc or downloaded the game will fill seem favor it"s going to let me play then the console shuts off and as soon as turning it earlier on claims inadequate ventilations I"ve hard reset it manufacturing facility reset it changed the seetings all type of methods nothing aided and also IT ONLY SHUTS OFF AND DOES THIS AFTER A GAME LOADS READY TO PLAY DISC GAMES AND DOWLOADED GAMES

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I have the same difficulty with a replacement console from Microsoft. My last one nearly began a fire.

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It smoked the room out and brought about smoke damage to the earlier of the tv/wall. Not so white one S. The inside of my nose was babsence from the acrid smoke!

My replacement console transforms off as soon as trying to load battlearea 5 from disc and also digital.

No error messages/warnings.

Shuts completely off like it’s difficult reestablishing itself.

Tried the every little thing. Listing them is pointmuch less bereason nopoint functioned.

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Call Microsoft and talk to Tupac from India that tells me it’s a difficulty via the game not the consingle. And that my console isnt in warranty and it will expense a lot to repair. When it is in warranty.

Guess I’ll just have to put a organization requestin. They could not notification the fault and also sfinish it ago to me. Or also worse. Sfinish me a faulty replacement which has actually already taken place ffs.

They should just sfinish me a one X or a PlayStation and also be done through it.

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Try cleaning your vents through a cotton bud or something prefer that. I had actually the exact same difficulty and this functioned for me.

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How do u do that my Xbox keeps shutting off once my game tons in

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