Xbox one on old tv

Hi. I have an Xbox one however my TV does not have a HDMI input. It is a bit old yet plays my 360 through the RGBYB inputs through the 360 TV lead set to HD. It has actually scart, s-video, COMPUTER IN (D-SUB) and also the Yellow, White and Red inputs and have the right to go approximately a resolution of 1080i (not 1080P). I currently play the 360 on the 720P establishing. How deserve to I connect the Xbox One to this TV? Buying a HD TV is not an option at the moment. Thanks.

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Hey fredbloggs!

Unfortunately tbelow is nopoint you can do to the consingle to usage any kind of video output various other than hdmi.

Do you have actually a dvd player or other media facility tool cshed to your xbox? If so, look about it for an hdmi in port. Some dvd players have an hdmi port on them that will certainly enable you to convert it to a video clip plug suitable for your tv.

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If no, you deserve to always search around virtual or go to an electronic devices save for a machine that will certainly convert an hdmi plug to some various other format of plug.

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I deserve to uncover a adapter for you virtual if you"d favor.



As FearedNightmare sassist, there are converters for HDMI - to DVI, VGA and component which will certainly job-related. I usage an energetic HDMI to VGA adapter to usage my One through a projector. But tright here are 2 things you must store in mind as soon as going this path. To begin through, you will need to shop closely and also look for an active converter Ii.e. powered either by USB or AC) and steer clear of just cables through the appropriate connections. Many (if not all) if those cables are meant to go INTO HDMI and not the converse - in various other words they do not work both methods. This greatly applies to component and also VGA which are analog HD, DVI may not have actually this same worry as it is still digital and also does not need converting. Make sure you research study them properly before buying. The second point is by using these adapters you will not be able to watch BluRays, DVDs, or any various other streaming videos copy defended by HDCP (Like Halo: Nightloss - that one really irked me). Many streaming solutions won"t be an issue (choose Amazon), however I have heard some of NetFlix content has HDCP and cannot be watched if you usage a setup prefer this.