Xbox one microsoft edge not working

I have been using Edge for a while yet now it sindicate does not open. When I try to activate it, it appears to open up through a empty page then closes. There are no error reports posted and also I am went back to my Home display screen. I don"t seem able to delete it either so that I an re-install.

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Any advice would be appreciated many thanks.

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To delete cache as said, press the Xbox console power switch for 10 secs till completely shut dvery own, unplug for 60 seconds (from wall socket and also Xbox if it is an original One via power brick) plug earlier in and also revolve back on. Also have actually a examine in "my games & apps" to watch if there is an update waiting.

please attempt a power cycle. right here you can discover a complete Manual:

are you perhaps in the insider program that it could be a bug that has emerged through the program? if so, it would be great if you report the bug via the insider application.

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if the power cycle doesn"t job-related, you can attempt a soft recollection. You can discover instructions here, but read them initially before you begin.

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use the mode :Reset and save my games & apps.

you Need for this your email and also Password for login

I don"t seem able to delete anypoint connected through Edge. If I go to "Manage App" I perform not have actually anypoint in "Saved Data". There is no choice to delete the App so that I can probably re-install.

Try percreating a tough recollection EXACTLY favor this.Hold the power button on the console for 8 seconds or till the power shuts down totally. Unplug the power cord from the earlier of the consingle for 5 minutes. Plug the power cord back in and restart the console. I have found that leaving it unplugged is significantly even more effective than leaving it for just a couple of seconds.