Xbox one error code 0x80040200

Some Windows customers are encountering the ‘DllUnregisterServer failed with error code 0x80040200′ when trying to register or unregister a DLL file or when trying to install an application that tries to register a DLL file instantly. This trouble is reported to take place on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

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DllUnregisterServer failed through error code 0x80040200

The most prevalent reason that will end up developing this certain error is a permission worry. To take treatment of it, you will certainly have to try and register or unregister the DLL file via admin access.

However, if the problem occurs once trying to install a program, you could should re-register the file after the installation fails. If you’re encountering the problem through an OCX dependency, attempt relocating the file to the System32 folder prior to attempting to execute the installation aacquire.

Method 1: Unregistering the DLL file via Admin Access

In situation you watch this error while attempting to unregister a DLL file manually, you likely finish up seeing the 0x80040200 because you don’t have actually sufficient permissions. If this scenario is applicable, you must have the ability to stop this error message altogether by utilizing the ‘regsvr32’ command in an elevated command also prompt.

If you didn’t already try this, follow the instructions below to attempt to unregister the DLL file manually from an elevated CMD prompt:

Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Next, type ‘cmd’ inside the message box and also press Ctrl + Change + Enter to open up an elevated CMD prompt. When you see the UAC (User Account Control), click Yes to approve governmental privileges.Running the Command also PromptOnce you’re inside the elevated CMD prompt, kind the complying with command also and press Enter to unregister the .DLL file manually:

regsvr32 /u *DLL File*Note: Keep in mind that *DLL file* is ssuggest a placeholder. You will certainly must replace it with the name + expansion of the DLL file that you are attempting to unregister. For instance, we required to unregister the cdo32.dll file, so we supplied the regsvr32 /u cdo32.dll command.In situation the procedure completed successfully without the 0x80040200 error code, reboot your machine and then complete the installation that was formerly resulting in the problem.In instance the very same difficulty is still arising or this operation was not applicable, move down to the following potential solve below.

Method 2: Re-registering the File after Program Installation

If you see this error while trying to install an application, you’re likely seeing this error due to some dependencies that are not being loaded properly. In this situation, you will probably have the ability to work-related approximately the concern by running the installer through admin rights and then unregistering and also registering the failing dependency manually.

Note: This fix is frequently reported to be efficient on Windows 7.

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In situation this scenario is applicable, follow the instructions below to run the installation via admin accessibility, then re-register the failing dependency:

Open Data Explorer and also navigate to the area of the installer that’s ultimately resulting in the error.Right-click it and pick Run as Administrator from the recently showed up context menu.
Running the installer through admin accessFollow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation. Don’t mind it if you check out the very same 0x80040200 error – Ssuggest close the error home window and also move dvery own to the next action.Open up a Run dialog box by pushing Windows key + R. Next off, form ‘cmd’ inside the message box and also press Ctrl + Change + Enter to open up an elevated CMD prompt.Running the Command also PromptOnce you’re inside the Command Prompt terminal, kind the complying with commands in order and press Go into after each command to unregister and also then re-register the OCX dependency:

spr32x30.ocx /UNREGISTERspr32x30.ocx /REGSERVERRestart your computer system and also view if the problem is reresolved at the following computer startup.In situation the exact same trouble is persisting, move dvery own to the following potential fix below.

Method 3: Running the OCX Documents from the System32 folder

In case you enrespond to this certain worry as soon as working with a .ocx file (OLE Control Extension), you’re most likely a permission problem. Several affected individuals have actually shown that they controlled to get this problem addressed by moving the .OCX file to the System32 folder and launching it from tbelow to encertain that is has actually the vital accessibility.

IMPORTANT: Only perform this if you are 100% certain that the .OCX file doesn’t pose a protection risk.

If you’re indeed encountering the 0x80040200 error code via this file kind, follow the instructions below to relocate the file in the System32 folder before opening it:

Open Documents Explorer, navigate to the place of the .OCX file, right-click it and choose Cut from the context food selection.

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Cutting the fileOnce the file resides in the System32 folder, repeat the installation when aget and see if you’re still encountering the same 0x80040200 error.