Xbox one controller pc right stick not working

I have an Xbox One Elite controller and Windows 10. Everything functions except the ideal stick does not move the video camera. I have actually offered the Windows Controller energy to confirm that Windows is receiving the input.

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Not sure if it"s connected, however I"ve additionally noticed in Windows 10 that the left stick scrolls continuous windows. Maybe Windows is gaining in the way?

I"ve tried in both Big Picture and also launching it consistently.


Solution: Uncheck "Xbox Configuration Support" in the Controller Config food selection in Steam.

Recently Steam announced Controller Config assistance, similar to the Steam Controller prorecords, for Xbox controllers. When this announcement taken place, I began playing approximately via the settings. I set this:


I forgot around it. But that was the difficulty. I just disabled it and whatever is fine again.

To straight answer - Windows is part of the problem but not the entirety of the trouble. Steam isn"t really addressing the problem on their end, either. The basic deal with for it is updating the chauffeurs for the controller manually and making certain you properly choose which controller is present.

I would suggest trying a fresh tool install by deleting the chauffeurs, rebooting to save the registry without the gadget, and then installing the gadget and drivers from the method listed below. Windows Regisattempt deserve to be a stselection point sometimes...

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The main technique to check and also update vehicle drivers for the XBOX Controllers and also Windows 10 is described below as:

On Windows 10, update your controller by using the Xbox Accessories app:

Get the application from the Windows 10 Store by in search of "Xbox Accessories." Launch the Xbox Accessories application. Connect your Xbox One Wireless Controller by utilizing a USB cable or the Xbox Wiremuch less Adapter for Windows. Note: You"ll be triggered to upday to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition if you haven"t yet done so. When the controller is associated, you"ll view the message “Update Required” if an upday is mandatory. Install the update.Note You deserve to likewise go to Device Info to examine for updays.


The Xbox Accessories application is easily accessible only on Windows 10. Controllers that don"t have a integrated 3.5-mm audio port have to be updated utilizing a USB link and also need to have the Windows 10 TH2 Update (or later). Updating the controller over Bluetooth is not sustained. Bluetooth calls for PCs running the Windows 10 Anniversary Upday. See Windows Update: FAQ to learn exactly how to acquire the latest Windows upday.

If that does not seem like much an alternative for you, a Reddior on Windows 10 Reddit suggests:

I gained mine to occupational by doing the following:

Open Device Manager Right Click "Xbox One Controller" Select Upday Driver Software Browse Let me pick "Microsoft Xbox One Controller"

The "Xbox One Controller" driver doesn"t work, however the "Microsoft Xbox One Controller" does.

TL;DR (wbelow and just how about the issue)

Ars Technica contributor Sam Machkovech posted an upday on August 10, 2016 that states:

...a Microsoft representative evidenced that the Xbox design team was functioning on worries through controllers" "exclusive" settings, controller connectivity via certain games, and Steam Big Picture mode seeing 2 controllers wright here there must be just one. No timeline was given for fixes on those concerns. The Microsoft rep likewise insisted that 2 of the new-hardware Xbox One gamepads should be able to attach concurrently to a single Windows 10 PC through Bluetooth, so long as both controllers have their firmware updated. The company"s support site still lists a one-pad limit when connecting via Bluetooth. We are awaiting an answer around that discrepancy.

However, tright here are a variety of complaints and also concerns concerning comparable worries that still exist on the Microsoft XBox forum concerning controllers on Steam via no marked options as of yet. This is typically pointed to a SafeFileHandle worry on associated devices after Anniversary Update worry in Windows:

As of update 1607, kernel32.dll CreateFile() making use of just the flags GENERIC_READVERTISEMENT and also GENERIC_WRITE and also 0 for dwShareSetting no longer enable exclusive (non shared) accessibility to devices necessary in some situations. An example of a device that is not permitting exclusive access any more is the Sony Dualshock 4 Video Game controller. Any attempt to attach sets the IsInvalid field for the returned SafeFileHandle.

Windows Update 3176938, released August 31, addressed a lot of of that trouble (sloppily). There"s a mutual duty through Microsoft at the foundation but platforms prefer Steam aren"t doing a lot to push for a solution or adjust exactly how they handle aspects of input and software program developers aren"t going ago and also bookkeeping for evolving hardware.

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With regard to Steam, the the majority of updated motorists and patches for games which may resolve title specific issues are not constantly present.

To that note you"ll want to visit the developer / publisher website of the games you"re playing and also check to check out if newer patches exist which might fix the worry in particular titles while you wait for the general problem to be refixed.

Namco Bandi has a couple of upcollection customers over their dismissive approach to the Elite controllers functioning in an unmeant manner while SquareEnix has some upcollection customers making use of this controller however over a different functional difficulty. Other developers have been even more proactive in the issue yet mainly the low install base drives overlooking solvency ("low hanging fruit" and also all that).