Xbox one controller blinks twice then turns off

Discus and assistance Xbox One Controller Bweb links 2 times then shutdowns. in XBoX on Consoles to deal with the problem; Hello my xbox one controller bweb links 2 times then shut downs..Please aid someone.My youtube video: bbf62c2d-5826-4b50-b487-a58eb08b6e97Discussion in "XBoX on Consoles" started by DanieliusCesnauskis, Oct 14, 2018.

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Danielius,Hello my friend, sorry about the worry. This can intend that your console is enduring from a power issue. If your console isn't obtaining enough energy it will shut dvery own whatever is wireless to conserve the power to save the machine on. Make certain you are not plugged into any type of surge protectors or extension cords. Make sure it is into a wall surface outlet to make certain it gets the full amount of power it demands. Be certain to unplug the system and also wait 2 minutes prior to re applying it to the wall outlet. Your console has a built in surge protector for the devices safety. If you have any concerns please reply.Happy gaming!

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Thanks for the reply.In effect i think it's normal the controller bweb links some times after a full shutdvery own however in my instance as soon as the defined issue occurs the controller continues to bconnect during about 2 or 3 minutes after shutdvery own and also i execute not think it's normal.But the main trouble is the random reboot or random full shutdown when i put xbox in sleep mode. This must not happen bereason the instant start-up is selected in the settings...

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Hi tright here,Honestly this sounds prefer a low battery issue. Try replacing them, i think that need to resolve the issue