Xbox 360 slim turns off by itself fix

i bought my xbox 360 slim about a year back i played it for around a month or 2 and then it preserved turning off. I put up via it turning off of a pair of weeks and also then the power cord blew up so i didn"t play it for a few months and also then i bought a new power cord however it still turns off every currently and also then so i pulled the exterior off and played it for awhile yet it didn"t aid. however he i think its the heatsink over heating so any assist will certainly be appreciated thanks

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corza19961, I am just a little thrvery own off by "the power cord blew up" have the right to you offer a little bit more indevelopment on this?

choose when its plugged in to a power point the light is oarray yet currently theres no light at all and ive tryed it in different power allude there just no power obtaining to there power brick

eexceptionally time I now turn on my device it store cutting off a pair times, then it functions what is reason of that?

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my Xbox 360 Slim favor to rotate off within one to two minutes of being on and also it dose it constantly. the most it has done it is 15 or 20 times prior to i could actually play my game or watch a movie. sometimes it also transforms on all on its very own too. the brick light is green and is a solid light and whats depushing is hat my dad has an original white Xbox 360 and he acquired it as soon as it first came out and the only problem he has is the disc tray does not constantly desire to open.

My xbox 360 halo edition keeps tirning its self off after 1 min and will somtimes rotate on by its self exactly how do i resolve this...


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I was having actually the exact same difficulty with my Xbox slim. It would randomly beep a couple of times and also then rotate off. At first I believed I had a bad power brick. I replaced it but that didn"t fix the concern. I also dubbed Microsoft assistance however they weren"t much help. So I took acomponent my Xbox and I found out that the ribbon flex cable was damaged. This is the cable that is attached to the on/off and also eject butlots inside the front faceplate inside the Xbox 360 Slim Consingle. All I did was took a Q-pointer and also dipped it into rubbing alcohol and also gently cleaned the ribbon cable. For me, that solved my difficulty. If your cable is really damaged and also cleaning it does not fix the trouble, you have a couple options. You deserve to buy a brand-new cable online (about $5) and replace it yourself, or you can simply detach the ribbon cable completely. Detaching the cable would certainly mean the front panel buttons will certainly not work. You will certainly need to rotate the counsel on/off with your controller. For some this would certainly be annoying however it is absolutely less annoying than your counsel randomly turning off in the middle of a game. There are many videos out there mirroring just how to take apart a Xbox slim and additionally just how to rearea a ribbon flex cable.