X mouse button control guide

I still watch two questions here. 1. is this legal 2. exactly how to use it. It would be ideal if you posted a new question for either of those and also moved a part of your answer also.

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What is the name of the oldest game people in Tibia?
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answeredFeb 9, 2019by Trululu Gumdrops(5,113 points)see edits | editedFeb 10, 2019by Trululu Gumdrops
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X-Mousage Button Control

It "s widespread that as soon as getting to high levels, players star usage some tools more than the common key-board and mouse to play, prefer gammer computer mouse via more butloads than usual or specialized keypads and also plainly this helps boost the player"s ability and also game skills . But tbelow is a little method we have the right to enhance our skills as a player with an ordinary computer mouse.

For this we will use a regime referred to as X-Mouse Button Control, this in order to usage the srcoll (Wheel) of the mouse as a plus or additional switch, which we will connumber to job-related as among the F secrets (eg F1, F2 , F3, A, B, C... among others).

Yes, you can primarily usage the butloads of your gaming computer mouse or key-board favor hotkeys. However before, please note that you might not bind even more than one activity to a switch. For instance, it is acceptable to bind to a button the drinking of a mana potion. However, it would certainly be illegal to asauthorize to a switch the drinking of a mana potion and then spreading "exura". Thereby, it does not issue if the activity is perdeveloped by pushing a combination of secrets (e.g. CTRL+F1) or a solitary crucial (e.g. F1)."

In addition, I clarify that it is a safe regime, considering that its developers have actually nopoint to carry out with Tibia (I have actually years utilizing it) and the best part is FREE.

The first point will certainly be to enter the web page of sassist routine.



Once on the web page we perform click "Latest Version" button and also push it to begin the download. You have the right to also usage the "Portable Version" button/alternative through this you dont need install it on your computer.

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As you have the right to watch it is a routine that only weighs 3.0 Megabytes.


Once the installer of the routine has been downloaded, we location it wright here our downlots are stored and double click on it and proceed to install.


It is possible that some "Windows security" message may be show up, but it is just because it is not a recognized program or a huge company. In addition, it is not important to disable the antivirus (At leastern through Kaspersky Net Security 2018) or the firewall (as if it is required in many kind of other programs), since it is not a virus or something negative.

After set up, we open up the routine and you will see somepoint choose the following.


The "Layer" are favor prodocuments, you deserve to have what you desire and connumber each one differently. To have actually even more than one profile, simply go to "Settings" and in that window in "Number of layers" you have the right to enter the number of "Layers/Profiles" that you need or want.


In addition, it is advisable to provide each layer a name in the "Layer name" area. Like the name of the character you gonna use.

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You must recognize that the layer that will certainly be applied / used at that moment if you have actually even more than one will certainly be the one that is situated initially from left to right.