Wireless mode n/ac mixed

I"m configuring an ASUS AC1900 rexternal via dd-wrt. When configuring "Wireless Physical Interface wl1 <5 GHz/802.11ac>" interface, there is a dropdvery own for Wiremuch less mode, which lists, among other alternatives AC/N Mixed.

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I interpreted that N mode was confined to 2.4 ghz while AC mode is confined to 5gig band. Is my knowledge incorrect, and also what is AC/N Mixed mode?

I suspect relatedly, is it practical to have actually just a solitary SSID for both the 2.4 and 5 gig band?


The IEEE 802.11n spec has provisions for both 2.4 and 5 GHz operation, as does 802.11ax. All the other significant flavors of 802.11 are just one band or the various other.

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The the majority of prevalent, valuable, default mode for a 5GHz AC-capable radio is to permit all three 5GHz 802.11 flavors it supports: AC, N, and also A. I imagine that"s what DD-WRT was obtaining at via its poorly-called "AC/N Mixed mode" setting, but I do not know why it doesn"t also mention A.

Using the exact same SSID for both bands is appropriate, as it lets your clients pick for themselves which band also is better under present conditions. However before, some clients execute a negative task of this so some people have to rekind to sepaprice SSIDs to job-related approximately their clients" bugs.


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