Windows was unable to load the registry

Several customers have been getting to us with questions after they uncovered a persistent error inside the Event Viewer that reads “Windows was unable to pack the regisattempt. This problem is frequently caused by inenough memory or inenough security rights”. Most influenced customers didn’t report any kind of connected symptoms through this problem (various other than this recurring error message). The problem isn’t exclusive to a particular Windows version as it’s additionally encountered on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

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Windows was unable to pack the regisattempt files

What is leading to the “Windows was unable to pack the registry”?

We investigated this particular problem by looking into assorted user reports and the repair strategies that are many frequently being supplied to fix this specific behavior. As it turns out, there are a number of various culprits that can be responsible for this error message. We went ahead and developed a list via the many likely aspects that could finish up resulting in this issue:

Power interrupted in the time of the logon/logoff procedure – This scenario is reasonably common, specifically on Windows 7 and also Windows 8.1. An interrupted logon/logoff procedure deserve to finish up creating profile corruption which could cause this Error occasion. In this situation, you should be able to fix the issue by complying with a procedure that fixes file device file corruption.Bad application mounted or uninstalled – As it turns out, this concern have the right to additionally take place because of a poor application install or uninstall. This deserve to end as much as some level of regisattempt corruption which could reason particular concerns through the method Windows renders usage of the registry worths.Network dropout or virus /spyware – As per several user reports, this problem deserve to likewise be resulted in by a peskies malware that corrupted specific device records. If this scenario is applicable, you must be able to deal with the worry by rerelocating the malware from your device and also repairing any type of impacted system papers.Corrupted UsrClass.dat profile – If you’re encountering search malfunctioning symptoms on optimal of the Event Viewer errors, opportunities are you’re taking care of a corrupted UsrClass.dat profile. In this situation, you should be able to settle the issue by deleting the file, forcing Windows to produce a new, healthy copy.Corrupted Windows profile – As it turns out, this certain concern have the right to additionally happen in situations wbelow you’re actually handling a corrupted Windows profile. If this corruption cannot be addressed via the built-in utilities (SFC and also DISM), you must have the ability to settle work-related about the concern by producing a brand-new Windows account.

If you’re presently in search of methods to resolve this error message, this short article will carry out you with several various troubleshooting procedures. Dvery own below, you’ll have the ability to discover a arsenal of approaches that other users in a comparable instance have efficiently offered to fix the “Windows was unable to pack the registry” error.

In order to remain as effective as possible, we advise you to follow the potential fixes listed below in the order that they are presented since we ordered them by efficiency and severity. Ultimately, you have to stumble upon a solve that will certainly fix the issue regardmuch less of the culprit that’s causing it.

Method 1: Removing malware infections (if applicable)

If you suspect that the “Windows was unable to fill the registry” error might be resulted in by some form of malware, adware or spyware that finished up corrupting some device documents, it’s crucial to encertain that the virus infection is totally removed before you try to repair the corrupted records.

The quickest and also most effective means to carry out this (in our experience) is to deploy a Deep Malwarebytes scan and also let it examine your whole system and all of your peripherals (not just the Windows drive).

If you’re not specifically certain on just how to execute this, refer to this short article (here) for step-by-action instructions on running a Deep Malwarebytes sdeserve to.

Once you complete this process and also you encertain that all virus traces have actually been removed, move dvery own to the next method below.

Method 2: Repairing System Documents Corruption

Since most culprits that could end up resulting in the “Windows was unable to pack the registry” error inevitably lead as much as System File corruption, you have to take the measures vital to deal with any form of corruption that might influence your operating system.

In this situation, the simplest and most effective ways to repair any kind of degree of System File corruption is via utilities like System File Checker (SFC) and Deployment Image Servicing and also Management (DISM).

Both of these integrated devices have practically the very same capabilities, yet they do things in miscellaneous different means. The first one (SFC), supplies a in your area stored cache to rearea corrupted system files via fresh duplicates while DISM counts on Windows Upday to download fresh duplicates in order to rearea corrupted items that it manages to detect.

Since DISM was designed as kind of a backup arrangement in instance SFC stops working to rerelocate the corruption, we advise you to run both utilities in order in order to fix the corruption and also resolve the “Windows was unable to fill the registry” error.

Here’s a quick guide on running SFC and DISM scans from an elevated Command also Prompt:

Press Windows crucial + R to open up a Run dialog box. Then, type “cmd” and press Enter to open up up an elevated Command Prompt. When asked by the UAC (User Account Prompt), click Yes to provide administrative privileges.
Running Command Prompt as an administratorOnce you manage to get inside the elevated Command Prompt, form the complying with command also and press Enter to initiate an SFC scan:

sfc /scannowNote: Keep in mind that after you start this procedure, cshedding the CMD window or your computer could facilitate better device file corruption. With this in mind, don’t try to close the energy or restart your computer system till the procedure is finish.Once the process is finish, rebegin your computer system and wait till the following startup is finish.When your computer system is completely booted up, follow action one aacquire to open up up an additional elevated CMD home window. Then, type the following command also and push Enter to initiate a DISM scan:DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealthNote: Keep in mind that given that DISM counts on Windows Update to download fresh duplicates in order to rearea corrupted records, it demands a stable internet connection in order to attribute appropriately.Once the DISM scan is finimelted, rebegin your computer when aacquire and check out if the worry is still emerging once the following startup sequence is finish.If you’re still seeing brand-new events via the “Windows was unable to fill the registry”, relocate down to the following approach listed below.

Method 3: Deleting the UsrClass.dat file

Some individuals that have been encountering this issue on Windows 10 via symptoms prefer malfunctioning search feature or Start food selection not widening have to control to settle the problem by deleting the UsrClass.dat file from the AppData folder.

Under specific scenarios, this procedure deletes some corrupted regisattempt crucial, which pressures Windows 10 to produce a brand-new healthy and balanced copy that will certainly not have the very same issue.

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Here’s a quick guide on deleting the UsrClass.dat file:

Open file explorer on your computer system, click on the View tab from the ribbon bar at the peak of the screen and also examine the box associated with Hidden Items.Click View Then Check Unhide Hidden Items To Make Sure All The Folders Are ShownOnce you make all concealed folders visible, navigate to the adhering to location:

C:Users*YourUser*AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsNote: Keep in mind that *YourUser* is sindicate a placeholder for the user account that you’re using. Rearea it accordingly.When you get to this location, scroll dvery own with the list of items and situate UsrClass.dat. Once you view it, right-click on it and also select Delete from the conmessage food selection.

Deleting the USR classOnce the file has actually been deleted, rebegin your computer and also see if the problem has been resolved as soon as the next mechanism startup is complete.If you’re still seeing brand-new Event Viewer errors with the “Windows was unable to load the registry” message, move down to the next strategy below.

Method 4: Creating a new user profile

Due to the fact that in a lot of instances, the concern is resulted in by a corrupted user profile, in a lot of instances you’ll have the ability to resolve the concern by producing a new profile for your Windows computer. Upon completing this procedure, any type of corrupted dependencies associated with the present user profile will certainly be reput via healthy duplicates.

Several affected individuals have reported that they controlled to settle the issue by developing a brand-new user profile. The “Windows was unable to fill the registry” error no much longer developed as soon as they made the switch to the new account.

Here’s a quick guide on creating a new user account on Windows 10:

Press Window key + R to open up up a Run dialog box. Then, kind “ms-settings:otherusers” inside the text box and press Enter to open up up the Family & various other people tab of the Settings app.
Running dialog: ms-settings:otherusersOnce you’re inside the Family & various other users tab, scroll dvery own to the Other users tab and click Add someone else to this PC.From the next screen, add the email or phone associated through the Microsoft account or click ‘I don’t have this person’s sign-in information’ if you’re planning on creating a local account.From the next display, login with your Microsoft account or click on Add a user without a Microsoft account if you desire to develop a neighborhood account (some online attribute will not be available).Add a User name and a password for the brand-new account. You’ll then be prompted to assign defense questions. Do it to secure your account and click Next.Once the account has been produced, restart your computer system and also authorize in via the recently produced account at the following startup.When you’re logged in with your brand-new account, accessibility your Event Viewer and also watch if you’re still noticing errors that contain the “Windows was unable to load the registry” message.
Creating a new Windows account in order to bypass mechanism file corruption

If you’re still suffering the exact same symptoms, move dvery own to the following techniques below.

Method 5: Using a previous regain point

If you noticed that the concern just started to happen freshly, you could have the ability to occupational around the problem by restoring your computer to a healthy and balanced point wbelow the “Windows was unable to load the registry” error was not arising.

All recent Windows versions will certainly allow you to rerotate your system to a healthy state by utilizing regain points that were previously saved. If you’re lucky enough to have actually a reclaim point saved before as soon as the worry started occurring, you have to have actually no concerns readdressing the error.

But save in mind that this procedure will certainly additionally revert any various other modifications that have actually been made given that the restore suggest has actually been conserved. If you desire to go ahead via this potential solve, here’s a quick guide on doing a system restore:

Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Then, form ‘rstrui’ inside the message box and also press Enter to open up System Restore wizard.
Opening the System Restore wizard through Run boxWhen you’re inside the System Restore wizard, click Next to advancement to the next display.
Getting previous the initial display of System RestoreOnce you watch the next screen, start by checking package linked through Sexactly how even more gain back points. Next, look at the days of each saved restore point and also click one that is dated before the apparition of the worry to pick it. Then, click Next to advance to the next screen.
Restoring your device to a previous suggest in time

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that when you start this procedure, all mounted applications, user choices and also anypoint else that was imposed after the regain suggest was produced will be lost. This utility will reclaim your computer to the precise state at that time.Click Finish, and also then confirm by clicking Yes at the confirmation prompt to start the process. Shortly after you carry out so, your computer will certainly restart and also the old state will be implemented.

Starting the System Resave processOnce your computer boots back up, check out if the issue has actually been refixed by checking your Event Viewer.If you still see new events via the “Windows was unable to load the registry” error, relocate dvery own to the following technique listed below.

Method 6: Percreating a repair install

If none of the approaches above have actually permitted you to settle the concern, this procedure should permit you to resolve any kind of scenario that is arising due to mechanism file corruption. The preferred method would certainly be to use a repair install to recollection all Windows components consisting of all associated booting-associated procedures. The beauty of this approach is that this procedure will not touch anypoint else various other than Windows components.

As opposed from a clean install, you’ll be able to save all your individual information including applications, personal media (photos, videos, music files).

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If you decide to go for a repair install, follow the instruction on this guide (here) to learn just how to perform it (even if you don’t have an installation media.