Windows stuck at just a moment

I am trying to install Windows 10 on my old HP Envy laptop, yet it is stuck at the "Just a moment" screen; I waited for a lengthy time for it to proceed, but it didn"t, so I restarted my machine and also even if my bootable USB is plugged in, it goes straight back to the same "Just a moment" screen.

I am trying to rebegin the installation by booting to the USB installer, yet I think the installer has updated the boot settings to boot from hard disk. After refounding, I have tried to CTRL, F2, F10, F10, ESC, but nopoint functions.

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How perform I accessibility the BIOS settings to adjust the boot sequence?

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Try to repetitively push the Esc essential best after pushing the Power switch. This must interrupt the boot sequence lengthy sufficient for you to press F10 and enter the BIOS. (Sometimes, you need to keep your finger on the Esc key instead of pressing it a number of times; try both) –user1019780 Apr 20 "20 at 10:53

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When Windows 10 installs, it by default sets Quick Boot as Enabled. Rapid Boot supplies kind of Hybrid Sleep internally yet might come through its own disadvantage that Firmware access by suggests of keyboard interchallenge may not be active throughout startup. Normally Restarts are not supposed to be affected though.

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To access Firmware on a Windows 10 COMPUTER via Quick Boot ON, primarily you need to go to Windows 10 Settings -> Update & Security -> Recoincredibly --> State-of-the-art Startup and let it Boot to Firmware Setup.

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In this specific instance, Windows 10 install was interrupted and with Fast Boot maybe allowed, it was skipping the Firmware Setup (BIOS/UEFI) access. One feasible method could have actually been to let it nullify the quick boot/startup by entirely rerelocating the lapheight battery and also removing any residual power by long press power button for 20 - 30 seconds. This may hopetotally reason the lapoptimal to boot usually as soon as you perform a cold start following time.

As evidenced by OP, this trick functioned and also OP might acquire accessibility to BIOS.

This just addresses "How to accessibility the BIOS?" component of the question. The other issue in the title of the topic, whereby installation is stuck at "Just a Moment" might have various other factors and also can even require BIOS update for effective Windows 10 install.