Windows phone screen not working

Windows Phone 8.1 is the follow approximately Windows Phone 8, which rolled out to tools quite quickly. In spite of it’s toughness, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform is not without its fregulations. In this roundup, we take a look at widespread WP8 issues that have been reported by users, and we try to discover workarounds and options to conveniently address them. If you’ve encountered any type of of these Windows Phone 8 problems and also you know of a good solution that hasn’t been mentioned, then please short article a comment and we’ll add it as soon as we can.

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Problem: Babsence screen throughout calls


A lot of few civilization have actually encountered persistent troubles with their screen going babsence whenever before they make or receive a contact on their Windows Phone 8 device. This provides it unresponsive, so it’s hard to cancel or finish the speak to.


If you tap the Power button twice the display screen have to bconnect ago to life, however you may need to act quickly to finish the call.

Potential fixes:

This is most likely an problem through the proximity sensor. Make sure that you don’t have actually a display protector covering it. It’s located alongside the front-facing electronic camera at the top of the phone.You have to also make sure there’s no dirt covering it. Give it a wipe or attempt using compressed air on the optimal edge to blast any kind of dust amethod.Some world have actually reported success by pushing on the screen where the proximity sensor is located.You might ask for a replacement unit, although some world have actually encountered the very same concern on more than one gadget.

Glitch: Camera not working

Some civilization have had troubles with their cam on their Windows Phone 8 gadget. In some instances, the electronic camera switch and cam app symbol ssuggest don’t seem to trigger anything. In other instances, a message will appear about the video camera failing to initialize.


Try pressing and holding the camera button for a pair of secs and also see if that starts it.Press and also organize the volume down switch and also the power switch together for 10 seconds. Your phone will restart and also the video camera need to be working aobtain, but the problem can rehappen.

Potential fixes:

Make sure that your software application is as much as date; examine your device manufacturer’s webwebsite.Back up any kind of necessary records and recollection your phone by means of Setups > About > Recollection your phone.If the difficulty persists, then it’s time to talk to your retailer, carrier, or manufacturer around a replacement handset.

Problem: Duplicate songs


A lot of civilization have run right into issues through their music collections on Windows Phone 8 devices. Sometimes songs show up twice, or also 3 times. If you look in the folder on your phone tbelow will only be one track, but in the music app you’ll check out multiple duplicates. Unfortunately, this have the right to be a tricky trouble to deal with.


A few world have actually discovered that turning off Xbox Music cloud repertoire helps. Go to Start > Music + Videos > More > Settings and also rotate off Xbox Music cloud collection.

Potential fix:

Make sure that you have a complete earlier up of your music collection.Now delete all of the music on your phone and also on your SD card.Make certain that you back up anything valuable on your phone and also recollection it via Setups > About > Reset your phone.Placed the SD card right into your COMPUTER and reformat it.Create a folder called Music on the empty card and manually drag and drop all the music you desire into that folder.Now put the SD card ago right into your phone and also wait for it to upday.When you desire to add new tracks take the SD card out of the phone and put it in your computer system and drag and also drop the brand-new track into the folder, then put the card back in your phone.

Bug: ‘Other’ storage filling up

A lot of civilization experience from a fregulation in the WP8 device which caused the available storage to progressively fill up. Go into Setups > Phone storage and tap on the bar to get a break down of categories and check out exactly how much area your music and also videos, photos, apps, and also device are taking up. There’s also an ‘other’ category which covers attachments from emails, app & game data, and also other momentary documents. Unfortunately, this category fills up and there is no means of clearing it out without wiping the phone.

Potential solutions:

Microsoft’s GDR2 upday addressed this bug. The “other” category will still fill up, however it have to be automatically cleared out as soon as the storage reaches capacity.

Problem: Push notifications not working

It’s fairly widespread to enrespond to problems with push notifications. Sometimes updates do not come via to your device favor they should. This have the right to cause issues through apps like Facebook or WhatsApp where no notifications come with, but as soon as you open up the app there are a ton of updays queued up. Many type of Windows Phone 8 individuals have been complaining about press notifications not functioning appropriately on the platcreate with a variety of popular apps. Tright here are some points you have the right to try.


Try restarting your tool by holding dvery own the Power button for 10 secs then tapping to rotate it on aacquire.

Potential solutions:

Check your Wi-Fi or data link. Poor coverage will certainly influence on press notifications. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced and also tick package next to Keep WiFi on when screen times out.Go to Settings and make certain that Battery saver isn’t turned on as it deserve to disaffix you in order to save power.If you are using your network-related, then make certain that your information limit hasn’t been surpassed. You have to likewise examine your limits in the File Sense application and also make sure it isn’t restricting you.Uninstall the app you are having actually a trouble with, restart your gadget, then reinstall the app to check out if that helps.Some people reported success by turning Location and Find my phone in Settings off or on and then restarting the tool.

Bug: Volume won’t change

There have actually been many reports about people listening to music and finding that they are unable to readjust the volume utilizing the volume butlots during a particular track – the volume doesn’t readjust till the track has finished. This bug additionally effects ringtones, which no much longer fade the music in and also out as soon as a speak to comes in. Some users likewise report primarily low volume which they are unable to boost.


Restart the tool. Press and also organize the Power button for 10 secs and also then tap it to revolve the phone ago on. The problem should be temporarily gone.Low volume that won’t change is mostly connected via a details app. Use an alternate and you shouldn’t have the same difficulty.

Bug: Random rebooting

Toward the finish of last year, a number of WP8 customers began to complain around random rebooting. The concern seemed to be widespread on the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920, although it didn’t affect eexceptionally handcollection. The smartphones would certainly sindicate reboot without warning. There was additionally some tip that a syncing trouble was associated.


It’s constantly worth trying a restart. Press and also host the Power switch and also then slide dvery own when you watch Slide dvery own to power off. Turn it back on aacquire and also see if the trouble repeats. You can additionally try removing the battery and also replacing it.Your only various other choice is to try a manufacturing facility recollection. Make sure you backup first by going to App list > Settings > Backup and also select App list + settings and then Back up now. Then go to About > Reset your phone and tap Yes and Yes aget as soon as prompted.

Annoying: Auto-brightness bug

A variety of WP8 customers via Nokia Lumia 920 handsets reported wildly fluctuating display screen brightness. It seems to be related to an insect that impacts on the auto-brightness and also reasons the display to flicker as as it struggles to discover the right brightness establishing.


You might disable auto-brightness and also set the phone to Medium brightness to prevent it from changing consistently.Some users reported success, or at leastern a reduction in fluctuation, by turning on the phone in a totally dark setting and permitting the sensors to calibprice to the darkness.

Glitch: Display freezing

If you find your WP8 gadget simply freezes and also the touchdisplay is unresponsive, you are not alone. This issue might have actually assorted causes, but the approaches to resolve it are the exact same.

Potential solutions:

Press and host the Volume dvery own and the Power button simultaneously for 10 seconds. Your device have to restart and also work as normal.If the trouble persists, examine that you have the latest updates using App list > Setups > Phone upday > Check for updates.

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Some world have reported that turning Wi-Fi off solves the freezing problem.

Problem: Fast battery drain

Some users have actually complained that their WP8 tool is running out of battery juice exceptionally easily. This can be caused by poorly optimized apps, syncing troubles, or something else completely. There are a couple of things worth trying to check out if you deserve to resolve the worry.

Potential solutions:

Try uninstalling and also reinstalling the Skype and also Facebook apps. Some customers have actually reported both apps as significant battery hogs, however urge that uninstalling and reinstalling results in improved performance.A number of apps have actually been cited as potential drains including Nokia Drive Beta, assorted messenger and music apps, and also some games. Nokia advised people to departure apps using the ago button so that they cshed rather than proceed to run in the background. You can additionally go to Setups > Applications > Background tasks and block any apps you don’t desire running in the background.

Problem: Sync not functioning, can’t send or receive emails or texts

Reports of problems syncing email accounts and also also sfinishing or receiving messages or emails have cropped up. For some WP8 individuals, this problem has actually likewise influenced their contacts and various other accounts on the tool. It seems to have been resulted in by the Skype application.

Potential solutions:

Uninstall the Skype app and then force a sync of all difficulty accounts. This have to fix the issue and also you should have the ability to reinstall the Skype app without additionally problems.If the above method doesn’t job-related, try turning off Wi-Fi and also mobile data, then reboot the phone and revolve both settings on again.If you still have actually problems, try unlinking your Microsoft account from your Skype account and repeat the process from the initially proposed technique.

Problem: PC won’t recognize phone

Some customers have been unable to connect their phones to their Computers in order to sync information and also move documents. This trouble isn’t distinct to Windows Phones, and as such, the remedies to address the difficulty are greatly the same.

Potential solutions:

Restart your phone and your PC, then attempt connecting the 2 again.Make certain you’re using the cable that came with your phone, or a cable that has actually the exact same capabilities. Consider making use of a various cable from the one you commonly use to view if the problem continues.Clean any dirt, dust, and various other debris out of the device’s corresponding ports, then attempt connecting aacquire.Check for an upday for your device by going to App list > Settings > Phone upday > Check for updates.Go to the App list > Settings and also look for a USB alternative. If your phone has this, permit it to allow for interactions in between your phone and PC.

Issue: Unable to upday phone

In some cases, you’ll be unable to update the software application on your phone. Fortunately, tbelow are tools and alternative methods to aid you solve the trouble and gain any updays you might need.

Potential solutions:

Restart your phone and also try updating again. If your phone froze throughout the procedure, press and also organize the Volume down and Power buttons for at least 10 seconds to force a restart.Make sure you don’t already have actually the upday you’re trying to acquire by going to App list > Setups > Phone update > Check for updates.Charge your phone prior to attempting any type of update. If the battery is below a particular percentage, the upday may not finish.Make certain you’re making use of a solid Wi-Fi connection. A negative link deserve to interrupt the upday. If you can’t attach to Wi-Fi and also desire to usage your cellular data rather, tap Download once triggered to downfill making use of cellular information.If you’re obtaining error code 801881cd, you should complimentary up storage space to install the upday. Delete apps, videos, music, and also various other papers you no longer need, or relocate them to your PC.

Glitch: Phone won’t charge or doesn’t continue to be charged

Some civilization have actually reported being unable to charge their phones. When plugging them in, they charge as supposed, yet as soon as unplugged, the battery drops to where it was before the charging started.

Potential solutions:

Let your phone run dvery own its battery until totally empty and also the phone transforms off. Attempt to charge the phone once again to view if it keeps a charge.Back up your essential data, media, settings, and so on, then perdevelop a factory recollection. Charge the phone aget to see if it holds a charge. If it does, gain back your phone to see if the difficulty returns.If the battery or charging difficulty returns after trying the over, it might be a hardware problem particularly tied to your battery. Reach out to your carrier or Microsoft Support to organize a repair or a replacement device.

Annoyance: Apps constantly crashing

A few individuals have had the unfortunate endure of opening an application, only for it to crash immediately, or after a while of working normally. The difficulty isn’t particular to one app, and there doesn’t show up to be a details cause for the crashes.

Potential solutions:

Restart your phone.Check for an update for the application that’s crashing. Check for a software application upday for your phone too.Consider uninstalling and reinstalling the application and launching it aacquire to see if the problem persists.Back up your phone, then perdevelop a manufacturing facility reset. Rekeep your phone making use of the ago up, and attempt using the app aobtain.

Issue: Can’t downpack new apps

Some customers are having troubles with downloading and install and also installing new apps to their tools. The app will download for a brief period of time prior to preventing and may carry out a message reading, “Attention forced.” When attempting to resume the download, it will certainly ssuggest be noted as “Pending” without proceeding.

Potential solutions:

As always, rebegin your tool, then try the download and install aget.You shouldn’t be able to downpack an application that isn’t compatible with your phone, however make sure the application is compatible via Windows Phone 8 particularly.You may should readjust wbelow your apps are stored. Go to Setups > Storage > New apps will certainly conserve to, then tap the drop dvery own menu and also choose This Device > New downtons will save to. Rebegin the phone, then download the application again.

Problem: Phone won’t sync folders via OneDrive

Windows Phone 8 is qualified of interacting with an additional Microsoft organization, OneDrive, in order to sync documents, media, and also other records throughout tools. A little handful of users have been unable to sync their phones to the cloud company, and are periodically met with a messeras that ssuggest says, “Tright here was a trouble.”

Potential solutions:

Rebegin your phone.Restart your router and also reattach to your Wi-Fi link.Check for an update through the OneDrive application. On your phone, go to Store> More (three dotted icon) > Downloads. If there’s an upday for OneDrive, the app will certainly show up in the list.If it’s photos that won’t sync, it might be bereason of the amount of RAM your phone has actually. You’ll be unable to upload photos instantly if your phone only has actually 256 MB of RAM.Recollection OneDrive (Note: This will certainly cause OneDrive to re-sync every one of your OneDrive files). On your COMPUTER, hit the Windows Key + R to bring up the Run home window. Get in “%localappdata%MicrosoftOneDriveonedrive.exe /recollection,” (without quotes), then click OK. Keep an eye on the notification location to view if the OneDrive icons disappears, then reshows up. If it doesn’t reappear, open the Run window again and enter “%localappdata%MicrosoftOneDriveonedrive.exe.”

Problem: Can’t develop or sign into Microsoft account

If you can’t make a brand-new Microsoft account, or find yourself unable to log right into your current one and are met via “Can’t connect” or “Problem signing in” messages, there are a couple of points you deserve to try before giving up all hope. Fortunately, they’re reasonably basic remedies.

Potential solutions:

Make sure you’re utilizing the right password to authorize in. This contains making certain you’re not using Caps Lock.Check that your birth day information was gone into correctly. If you’re under a details age and also taken into consideration a child, your account has actually some limitations.Check the moment and also date settings on your phone, and reset them if vital. Go to Setups > Date+Time. Tap Set instantly to Off and manually collection the date and also time. Try signing in aobtain.Check your Wi-FI connection.Check for an upday for your phone and install it.Percreate a factory reset and try creating or signing into your account aobtain.

Issue: Phone shuts dvery own and also won’t revolve back on

Attempting to usage your phone, just to find it shuts down and won’t revolve on, have the right to be a scary instance to run right into. However before, there’s a straightforward solution to the difficulty, as well as various other points you have the right to attempt to get your phone running aobtain.

Potential solutions:

The technique human being have actually had actually the many success through is sindicate pushing and holding the Volume Down and Power butlots for around 15 to 20 secs. The phone should power on. Later on, double inspect for a software program update and also, if tbelow is one, install it as shortly as possible.If that doesn’t work, then attempt plugging your phone right into a charger for 30 minutes and then try pushing and also holding the Volume Down and also Power butloads for about 15 to 20 seconds to restart the phone aget.If the above doesn’t work-related, reach out to Microsoft assistance to gain your phone repaired or replaced.

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Problem: Spinning gears after manufacturing facility reset

Performing a factory recollection is regularly the last retype as soon as managing the miscellaneous difficulties a phone may have actually. However before, also the factory recollection goes wrong sometimes. In this instance, the spinning gears that denote the phone is perdeveloping a function continue to spin a lot much longer than usual (over 30 mins). If this happens, tright here are a few points to attempt to obtain the phone back in working problem.

Official solutions:

Make sure your phone is charged. Otherwise, plug it in to charge prior to proceeding. Once plugged in, push and also host the Volume Down and also Power buttons till the phone vibprices and also restarts. When the reboot begins and also the logo design shows up, press the following butloads in sequence: Volume up > Volume down > Power > Volume down. The logo design need to disshow up, then reshow up, and also the spinning gears must rerevolve and also be on display for another 5-15 minutes. After that, the phone will continue to the Welcome display screen.If the wheels continue to spin after trying the above, press and hold the Power, Volume Down, and also Camera butloads. When the phone vibrates, release the Power button, and continue to host the other butlots for one more 5 seconds. The spinning gears should rerevolve and also spin for one more 5 to 15 minutes before the phone proceeds to the Welcome screen.Editors' Recommendations