Windows phone sad face fix

Issue: Your Nokia Lumia via Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile can’t get previous a solid pale blue display screen at startup. You’ve acquired the blue startup screen of death!

Solutions: Forced Restart, battery & SIM removal and re-seat, or a full reset (all data will be lost)

Forced restart with buttons

Hold Power and also Volume down tricks at the same time for 10-15 secondsRelease buttons and also the phone will restart

Rerelocate battery and also SIM card

Full Recollection #1 – via power and volume keys

Microsoft has actually fantastic steps and instructional imperiods here: Reset my phone* you will certainly loose any type of local information or settings that have not been backed up

Make sure you’re 50% charged or moreDisattach ChargerPress and also organize the Power and Volume down keys simultaneously.Release the keys when the phone vibprices and then immediately press and hold the volume down essential till the phone screens an exclamation note (!) on the screen.Release the volume dvery own key.Press the volume and power secrets in the complying with order: volume up, volume down, power, and also volume down.Wait for your phone to recollection.During the recollection you will certainly watch gears rotating on the display for approximately 5 minutes, after which the display screen goes blank for ~30 seconds and then your phone will rebegin.Go via the initial phone setup.Make certain that you have the date and also time set appropriately. Select Setups > Time & language > Date & time (Lumia through Windows Phone 8: Setups > date+time).

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Full Reset #2 – Windows Device Recoexceptionally Tool

* you will certainly loose any type of regional information or settings that have not been backed up

Launch the recoexceptionally tool and also connect your phone making use of a USB cable. It probably won’t detect the phone so click My phone was not detected.In the next display screen, click your phone, wait a couple of seconds, and you’ll watch your phone information and also the software application available for downpack to roll back to a previous operating system.

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It’ll say somepoint around the phone being in UEFI mode. To continue, click Reinstall software.Next off, the recoextremely tool will certainly warn you to backup all your information, settings, and also apps prior to proceeding, as the rolling earlier procedure will delete all the previous information in your phone. Click Continue to proceed.The recoextremely tool will downfill the OS photo from Microsoft’s servers and regain your phone to Windows Phone 8.1. It’ll take a while, however just leave it alone and also let it work-related its magic.