Windows phone my family setup needed

I have an concern through my first Windows Phone device. When trying to download an app from the marketplace I gain this message:

The My Family settings for your account prevent you from downloading this item. Your parent have the right to regulate My Family settings at

When I go try to regulate My Family settings at, it reflects me the Get Started attach, however I do not have actually any type of accounts hooked as much as it.

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I think the problem is that I started to download a trial of Kinectimals and also handed the phone off to my daughter, who was motivated for a birthdate. I assumed it was asking for a birthday as part of the game, and told her to input her very own birthday. So now my account thinks I"m 7 years old and I can"t discover any type of way to update that.



thanks for this post. i did something exceptionally similar and also was beating my head versus the wall trying to figure this out. –user793 Nov 21 "12 at 23:15
I stumbled on the very same problem on my brand-new Windows Phone 8 device. The default setting was today's date, and also without thinking even more about I simply tapped OK. There was nothing there describing the major ramifications of an incorrect day, on the contrary, the default was collection to today. Now I cannot also install a pdf-viewer! :) Strange thing is, I can change my birth day on the account I had to register, yet this doesn't assist. –user832 Dec 5 "12 at 12:01
I obtained the answer from Microsoft directly - tbelow is no way to readjust the birthdate linked with a store account. Apparently Microsoft can"t or won"t aid you through it either.

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I had to delete my account, recollection my phone, and also develop a brand-new account!!!


Hi I had the exact same problem setting up my sisters phone. To settle the trouble log onto your live account at go to your account settings (not your profile settings) then change the d.o.b to the correct one. My sisters was mirroring she was born in 2000, wright here in fact she was born in 1982. A quick change of the details and also the app store functioned correctly.

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Login via your Microsoft accountChange your Date of Birth and also click save.Your account details will be updated across all MS services.


I searched a lot and also tried many kind of times to change the date, yet I was still unable to downfill apps. So I went to menu>settings>about>reset your phone and then I opened up a new Microsoft Account (Hotmail) and I made the year of birth 1970. I tried it on my Windows Phone 8 (HTC 8S) and it functioned. Hope that helps :)!

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