Windows movie maker crashes when saving

Hello I am running Windows 7 on a laptop HP Envy Beats edition. I have actually been working on videos and it is fine being conserved as a home windows movie maker task, however as soon as I attempt publishing to youtube or even conserving as a video file to my computer system. The conserving movie bar comes up and also then it does the (Not Responding) point and then I have to close it. Just wondering what the problem could be. Thanks!
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It is possible that there are video file types that is not completely supported by Movie Maker. To troubleshoot the worry, please follow the actions gave below:

1. Ensure you have actually installed the latest variation of Windows Movie Maker

Note: Please review the mechanism demands for Windows Movie Maker 2012 before installing this variation.

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If you didn’t accomplish the device requirements, please installWindows Movie Maker 2011 instead.

2. Try making movies of a much shorter duration - If you have actually a big movie task, dividing the video into smaller sized tasks might help.

3. Check that the papers you are making use of are of a sustained format – Some file formats are not sustained by Windows Live Movie Maker. A list of sustained formats have the right to be found here:Movie Maker file types

4. Ensure that you have the appropriate codecs to play your videos and also audio records – audio and video call for codecs to play the file and also it’s essential to have actually the appropriate codecs installed or updated in your COMPUTER.

-Try running the FixIt tool for codecs: FixIT

- Media information will certainly have the ability to determine any concern through missing or faulty codecs and also whether it"s already in your computer or not:Media Info

As for the Mediadetails, please follow the procedures offered listed below on how to usage the program:

1.Downpack Mediainfo

2.Install the program

3.Run the program

4.Open your movie file making use of Mediainfo

5.Switch the watch of your mediainfo to text. To carry out this, click the View switch on the upper left part of the home window and click text

6.When you see the codec that you"re doing not have, please downfill it. You have the right to search for the codec in

Note: If you can not discover the codec you require, attempt converting the video to a sustained format (eg. wmv) and also then add it to your Windows Live Movie Maker job.

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5. Ensure that your video card drivers are approximately date - Movie Maker provides extensive use of the video card GPU (graphics processing unit). The display screen driver affects the reliability, performance, and also compatibility of the video card through various software.

To determine the variation and also video card driver date, run the DirectX Diagnostic Device (dxdiag):

DirectX Diagnostic Tool

1. Click on Start button and form “dxdiag” in the Search programs and files box and push Get in key on the keyboard.

2. Click on the Display tab and you will certainly watch the driver details including the driver variation.

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3. If your video card driver appears outdated please go to the video card driver manufacturer and watch if a more recent variation is easily accessible.