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Let"s mean I"ve a magazine through some media documents. I add them to the Windows Media Player playlist and then rotate the Shuffle option to ON. The music starts playing and also I leave the home window decreased.

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A few minutes later on, once a paper finishes playing, I want to view which file it was that had been playing. Is tright here a current papers background in WMP? I usage Windows 7 Ultimate and WMP variation 12.0.7601.1754.


There"s no built-in current file background in WMP, however you deserve to quickly create one yourself by using WMP"s Auto Playlist functionality.

In WMP"s library, click the arrowhead beside Create playlist and also pick Create auto playlist. Enter a name for the playlist, and also under Music in my library, include the problem Date Last Played. Then further customize the condition so that it reads Date Last Played Is More Recent Than Yesterday. Click OK to produce the auto playlist.

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Click on Music.Right-click the column headings.Click "Choose Columns...".Tick "Date last played".


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