Windows media player network sharing service windows 10

I have disabled the company for the player however why is it allowed in the first area and also exactly how do I remove it? (Do not desire to play media sharing at work)

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From How To Disable Windows Media Player 12 Sharing :

Go to Network and Sharing Center (discovered by clicking your wireless/Ethernet icon in your taskbar)Select Homegroup and Sharing OptionsSelect Choose Media Streaming OptionsClick Block All

It"s also possible to disable the media sharing from Services

Click "Start" and choose the "Control Panel."Go to "Administrative Tools" and also open "Services." Find "Windows Media Player Netoccupational Sharing Service" and double-click on it.Click "Stop" under the "General" tab and then pick "Ok."


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echo off

sc config "WMPNetworkSvc" start= disabled

sc sheight "WMPNetworkSvc"


2.Save Data (Example): _WMP_Sharing_Disable.bat

3.Right-Button => Run as Administrator


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