Windows media center service is unavailable

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Hopecompletely someone has some ideas on this, cause I"ve obtained nothing. I had every little thing functioning perfectly, but my tough drive damaged, and had to reexecute everything. Running WMC 7 x64 via an InfiniTV6. After I reinstalled home windows, and also Ceton chauffeurs, etc. Ran through all the WMC, and Ceton setup measures. And eincredibly channel says service is unobtainable. Under Ceton diagnostics, tuning all the channels I have actually is effective. I"m guessing somepoint in windows is broken, however don"t know what. I tested DRM support properly, and also have the right to also playearlier DRM recordings made when whatever worked. I don"t even understand wright here to start, brief of the evident recarry out everything 500 times in a different means each time.
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Might be an access worry. Are you running any kind of SW firewall?Make sure:ehshell.exe - inbound/outbound on LAN - outbound on WANehrecvr.exe - inbound/outbound on LANCetonTRIFSvc.exe - outbound on LANInfiniTVSvc.exe - outbound on LANhave accessibility.Disabling FW completely MAY allow trial and error & specific settings will certainly differ relying on the product.
Thanks for the replies.I have actually FW entirely disabled.And yes, ran digital cable advisor, and also selected the correct provider.It seems like whatever must be functioning.All tests I have the right to think off aside from watching tv, display that all is well.
OmgI have reformatted, and also redid whatever dozens of times in the last week, and also it simply automagically began working.I guess this is solved, yet I"d really favor to understand also why.
Try rebooting the ETH6/TA/COMPUTER. I sometimes check out this & the reboot typically gets rid of things up.What firewall product? Ceton will recommfinish totally uninstalling 3rd-party firewalls (for troubleshooting) as disabling doesn"t necessarily deal with the concern. If using the default Windows firewall, transforms SHOULD have been made instantly (assuming you said "yes" when prompted throughout Ceton driver install).Because this is a fresh install, additionally search this forum for:- Ceton recommfinished MS hotfixes (~4 IIRC... some will certainly seem questionable, however use "em anyway)- Problem MS hotfixes to be unistalled/hidden (tright here was one freshly... KB3?????)OR,, if none of the above functions, open up a assistance ticket w/ Ceton. They will certainly likely provide information for hotfixes, etc. as part of their troubleshooting "boilerplate".

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I will look at hotfixes.The only firewall on my computer system is the windows one, which is disabled.Rebooting PC does nopoint.What is Eth6 and also TA?Another point that might matter.Today a "Windows is not Genuine" window popped up, but then disshowed up before I can fully review it.Then I checked, and also my copy is genuine.I bought it from newegg years back, so I understand its legit.But it seems choose home windows may be puzzled around its very own legitimacy?Only happened the one time as much as I understand.But is there any type of possibility that if some component of home windows thinks its not legit, it would certainly disable tv?
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I was having actually the exact same problem... so I readjusted cable cards - and the cards would certainly work-related for 24 hours, then each time I spoke via level 2 technicians they reset things at multiple points in their system.. and it would certainly work for a brief time. then nopoint...Wife had actually sufficient and we currently have actually a 2 year contract through DirecTV... wife is annoyed by the Genie system yet happy we at least have tv signal... if you can ever run dvery own the precise worry that is bring about your difficulty I am more than interested in situation it might have actually been what led to ours... bereason I would more than happily go ago to WMC as soon as this contract runs out.
Sorry, you pointed out "InfiniTV6" in your original short article & I review "Eth6"... nvm. I"m guessing you don"t need/use a tuning adapter, either? Scratch that, too... I execute & assumed.Ceton support might be your "course of leastern resistance"...But if you feel choose reading, here are some connected threads: ... ble#p80874 ... &start=520 (long!)
Latter article referenced the following hotfixes:which notes the complying with recommended hotfixes:KB273585 (couldn"t uncover it) (kernel hotfix) (PCI driver update) (WMC update)yet thcheck out is old & they might have been pushed. Check installed updates.
Thanks for the replies.I am gonna try to gram another cable card on my way house from occupational as well, just to rule it out.I"ll start via all the warm fixes, and also then attempt the new cable card if its still not functioning.
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cbanakis wrote:OmgI have reformatted, and also redid everything dozens of times in the last week, and it simply automagically began functioning.I guess this is addressed, yet I"d really choose to understand why.
Have you set off your installation of windows? Non set off installations can cause nopoint however grief.

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I"ve scene this via home windows drivers for the video card be incompatible, I scene this as soon as I tried using HDMI audio at first, you need to run the audio/video setup. I once remembered a Windows update brought about this, I essential to earlier as much as a previously backup, I disabled updays for a month and also had the ability to re-update.
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