Windows malicious software removal tool stuck

EDIT: Amazingly, as soon as I posted this, the Cancel installation switch I had clicked around 10 minutes earlier lastly functioned. I would certainly still like to know if it"s safe to kill MRT.exe though, in instance this comes up aobtain.

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(Somewhat) related:

I am in the process of installing yet one more windows update (Windows 7 x64) and also it"s stuck on

Installing update 5/15... Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

Initially it opened up a little dialog home window that sassist something favor Checking archive and also was stuck at 0% for around 20 minutes, which I made the mistake of closing.

Looking in Process Explorer I watch this


In complete Windows update has actually been stuck for about 40 minutes currently, I"m pretty sure my computer has actually no malicious software application (although I can run a virus sdeserve to to be sure). Because of this, is it ok to kill MRT.exe? Will this corrupt my Windows installation in any type of way?

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It the majority of most likely wasn"t stuck, however was scanning your drive(s) for malware.

That"s what the MRT.exe does, it"s Microsoft"s monthly-updated Malicious software program Removal Device.

If you don"t treatment around letting it sdeserve to your mechanism for malware, then go ahead and cancel it.

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