Windows live mail could not be started calendar corrupt

I am having the exact same problem. I have gone through every one of the measures you"ve outlined a number of times. When I attempt to start Windows Live Mail I gain a popup display screen which says:

Windows Live Mail could not be began. Closing

Windows Live Mail. Your calendar consists of corrupt

information that is forcing Windows Live Mail to close.

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I have renamed the folder wright here all of my emails are stored in enhancement to the actions you"ve outlined, and no issue what I"ve done I acquire the exact same end outcome.

Is tright here one more folder I need to be dealing with relating to this calendar issue?

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A. User
Replied on September 25, 2013

Hello BobFromPhoenix,

Welconcerned Community. We are happy to assist you with your problem.

We understand also that you are having worries through your Windows Live Mail. You shelp that your Windows Live Mail will not open and you got an error message saying, "Windows Live Mail might not be started. Closing Windows Live Mail. Your calendar has corrupt information that are forcing Windows Live Mail to cshed. (0x8E5E0247)."

In order for us to isolate the concern, please confirm if you have repaired your Windows Live Mail. If not, to assist you type out your difficulty, we recommend that you uninstall Windows Live Essentials. For instructions, please describe this link: One or more Windows Live programs didn"t install. What went wrong?

In step 2, pick Live Mail as the regime you want to uninstall. Before uninstalling Live Mail, we indicate that you back up all crucial files especially if you have an account erected in Live Mail. To carry out this, click this attach for directions: How carry out I import and also export email, contacts, and also calendars with Windows Live Mail?

Once you effectively unset up Windows Live Mail, please follow these procedures to perform clean removal:

1. Go to Computer.2. Click on Local Disk (C:) and also then go to Program Files.3. Delete Windows Live folder by pressing and also holding Shift + Delete switch on your key-board.

To reinstall the latest version of Live Mail, please click thislink.

If your issue still persists, please provide the following:


Event Viewer

Windows Update Logs


To acquire WindowsLiveMail.log, Windows Upday Logs and MSInfo, please clickhere and follow all the steps. For Event Viewer please refer right here and follow step 2.

Provide all the indevelopment that we require for the personal message that we have produced for you.

Note: Please sign-in to this webwebsite in order to see the Private Message tab wright here you can carry out the email account. We additionally need you to reply back to this write-up if you have currently provided the indevelopment on the personal data area. This will aid facilitate our actions regarding your worry.

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If your problem was not solved, please reply to this message with all the indevelopment that we need, so we have the right to proceed to assistance you.