Windows installer preparing to remove

I need aid to deal with this problem. A few days back I was installing and also uninstalling many kind of programs... and Windows Installer did not show any type of sort of mistakes either. Now when I try to uninstall a program, it simply stucks at "Preparation delete... ". "and also when I click on "Cancel", nothing happens, so I need to complete the procedure in the Task Manager.

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Windows Installer might be damaged or somepoint, I do not know why it will not uninstall programs more. I tried to uninstall programs, when I click on among the programs, only a stucks too and also I have to cancel the uninstall Microsoft FixIt tool.

I have actually download some type of "Revo Uninstaller" it stucks on this one aswell, as no doubt every little thing is connected to the Windows Installer company.

I tried to rebegin the service, and then rebegin the computer, always it stucks. Interesting thing is that he wants to install programs actually but won"t uninstall them. Only means to uninstall is to go to their folder and click on among the executables that says to "Uninstall" routine. Problem is, that some of these programs have actually not simply in their file and who is ideal for which I must uninstall from the manage panel.

I"m trying to understand also this for 2 days already, not to carry out. The only change I made to the mechanism, it"s that I have mounted the latest graphic driver NVIDIA GeForce customer suffer via. Nopoint else.

I do not want to reinstall Windows because of this. It"s pain the *, and I did not restore allude mechanism, so I"ll lose everything if I re-install the whole mechanism.

P.S. I"m sorry if I chose the wrong category. I"ve no principle what Windows should be the problem of mine.



Revo is an excellent little regime and works separately of Windows.

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Malware related programs have a propensity to not let you uninstall them, no issue what you perform.


If it is the corruption of files:

Each method/action below progresses to another if the first does not all corrupted documents which are, etc..

Have you check out this information from Microsoft on the repair of errors and corrupted system files?

«Use the System Data Checker tool to repair absent or corrupted mechanism files»


And these tutorials are exceptionally comprehensive for the troubles resulting from Sdeserve to SFC:

"How to run the command" SFC/scannow"at the begin or in Windows 8 and also 8.1" . "

Read it in conjunction with the remainder of the indevelopment they offer connect above.


If SFC might not deal with something, then run the new command to watch if it deserve to have the ability to following time. Sometimes, it have the right to take by running the sfc/scannow command also 3 times restart the COMPUTER after each time totally settle whatever what he is qualified of.

If not, then run the Dism/online/Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth command also to repair damage to the component store,

Repair-WindowsImage-virtual - CheckHealthRepair-WindowsImage-online - ScanHealth

Repair-WindowsImage-online - RestoreHealth

Rebegin the PC thereafter, and also then reattempt the command also sfc/scannow .

If still no, then try utilizing ONE OPTION above to run the command sfc/scannow at the start
If still no, then you could execute a Refresh of Windows 8, or run a System Restore using a reclaim point dated prior to the wrong file developed to resolve. You may must repeat doing a reclaim of the mechanism until you discover a gain back point that is older that may occupational.

If not yet, then you deserve to use the steps in the TIP box in the area THREE OPTION to manually relocation the records SFC can not solve.

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See you quickly.


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