Windows host process rundll32 high disk usage

Most of the time, the rundll.exe procedure supplies repeatedly above 80% CPU intake. It slows down everything considerably. It also appears that this procedure gets executed inabsolutely slowing down the whole system all the moment it runs. It deserve to be killed safely, but then it runs aobtain after at some time and the slow down proceeds.I run Windows 8.1 64 little bit. Toggling the "command also line" check out option in the task manager reveals the following:-rundll32.exe aeinv.dll,UpdateSoftwareInventoryHow carry out I resolve this annoying issue?
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Replied on November 19, 2014
In reply to Rictough R.Smith's short article on June 6, 2014

Hello, I was having the very same issues via rundll32.exe making use of most my CPU intake. Here is what was resulting in my issues.

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Tip One:I downloadedProcess Explorer. This is a great tool. It is comparable to Task Manager yet goes into way even more depth on the procedures and dlls that are running. I extracted the downpack and also then ran Process Explorer as an administrator.

Step Two:One of the initially things I noticed was rundll32.exe was using 23 percent of my CPU again.

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I right-clicked on the rundll32.exe procedure and also schosen properties. I clicked on the Image tab and also at once observed the culprit. A utility to monitor and also gauge my battery consumption, dubbed PwrMgrBkGndMonitor, was draining my battery rather of conserving it.

Tip Three:After a small digging approximately in my set up programs I located a routine dubbed Lenovo Setups Dependency Package. PwrMgrBkGndMonitor was set up in the Lenovo Settings Dependency Package.

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I didn’t use this routine and decided I didn’t need it. I unset up the program and rebegan my laptop. I haven’t had a difficulty through the rundll32.exe making use of up my CPU since I unmounted Lenovo Settings Dependency Package.

If you are enduring the very same symptoms has stated above and also you are running a Lenovo lapheight with Windows 8.1, this may be your issue. However before, before you uninstall the program I would certainly recommfinish making use of Process Explorer. Process Explorer will certainly assist you identify the specific regime that is providing you worries prior to blindly uninstalling and killing services. I hope my troubleshooting procedures have the right to help you uncover program is making rundll32.exe usage high CPU consumption. Let me know in the comments if this aided you!