Windows host process rundll32 high cpu windows 10

You are no doubt reading this write-up because you are dealing with troubles of a high disk and CPU consumption by those rundll32.exe processes. If you have been utilizing Windows for a lengthy time, you can have noticed that there are indeed millions of .dll processes. The expansion DLL means Dynamic Link Library. They are provided to store some widespread application logic which is consequently accessed by miscellaneous other applications.

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Tbelow is no method to straight launch a DLL file. The rundll32.exe is ssuggest supplied to launch the usability stored in shared .dll documents. Do note that periodically some malware infect equipments by creating an alias of rundll32. You should shave the right to your computer system and examine for any kind of imbalances.

Repair Corrupt System Files

Downpack and run Restoro to scan for corrupt documents from here, if files are uncovered to be corrupt and missing repair them and also then inspect if it fixes the worry, if not then proceed via Solutions noted below.

Solution 1: Disabling items from Task Scheduler

If you are enduring troubles appropriate after installing a Windows 10, it is feasible that some Windows processes are bring about the rundll32.exe to consume so a lot CPU and also Disk usage. This was the case for the majority of the customers yet if it doesn’t occupational for you, you deserve to always revert ago the transforms anytime utilizing the exact same technique.

Press Windows + S to launch the search bar and also form “administrative tools” in the dialogue box. Open the initially relevant application which comes forth.

Browse with the shortcuts and open up “Task Scheduler”.

Now navigate to the complying with file path utilizing left navigating pane on the home window.

Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > Customer Experience Improvement

On the right side, you will see three items in this schedule. Click on “Consolidator” to open up its properties. Navigate to the triggers tab. Here you will certainly check out a cause which triggers the organization eexceptionally when in a while. Click it and also select “Edit”.Once the cause properties are opened, navigate dvery own to the advanced settings and also uncheck the box “Enabled”. Click Ok to conserve transforms and exit.Now come back to the list of items. Right-click them one by one and pick “Disabled” in each instance. The name of the items are:


KernelCeip Task



Cshed the scheduler, restart your computer and inspect if the consumption obtained fixed.

Systems 2: Disabling Telemeattempt Services

Part of Microsoft’s user suffer routine is to gather information from your device and compare it to PC’s. This will then find any kind of discrepancies/changes which will certainly be offered to improve the user endure in the future. This attribute is additionally known to cause a number of high disk/CPU consumption problems. We have the right to attempt disabling it and check if the problem still persists.

Press Windows + R to launch the Run application. Type “solutions.msc” in the dialogue box and also press Enter.After the solutions windows pop up, search for “Connected User Experience”. Double-click it to open up its settings.

Click “Stop” underneath service condition. Then choose “Startup type” and set the choice to Disabled. Once you are done making alters, push Ok and also leave.

Rebegin your computer system and also examine if the trouble acquired solved.

Solution 3: Renaming aienv.dll

aienv.dll is a library file of the Application Experience Inventory in Windows. It is a non-mechanism procedure and originates from software/application mounted on your computer system. Many type of customers reported that preventing the organization or renaming it caused their issue of disk/CPU usage to get resolved. We can attempt the very same. Follow this approach at your very own risk, it is advised that you produce a Windows regain allude in situation anypoint goes wrong.

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the complying with file path:


You can also copy the above resolve, push Windows + R, paste the attend to and press Go into to navigate to the location directly.

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Once in the folder, search for “aeinv.dll”. You have the right to additionally usage the search bar existing at the optimal best side of the screen.

Once you have located the file, right-click it and also choose rename. Rename the file to “oldaeinv.dll”. Windows might call for permission to rename this file. Make certain you are logged in as an administrator and click “Continue”.

After renaming it, restart your computer system and examine your disk/CPU intake.

Systems 4: Uninstalling Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a web framework for developing/hosting web applications in Google-managed data centers. This application supplies automatic scaling for internet applications as the number of requests for the application increases. It has multiple sustained languperiods such as Java, Ruby, Python and also various other JVM langueras.

Many users reported that after the installation of Google App Engine, their disk/CPU usage increased significantly via the procedure of rundll32.exe. You have the right to try uninstalling the application and examine if the difficulty still persists.

Press Windows + R, form “manage panel” in the dialogue box and also press Go into.Once in the manage panel, select the category of “Uninstall a program” under the heading of “Programs”.

Locate “Google App Engine”, right-click it and pick “uninstall”.

After the uninstallation, restart your computer and also check if the problem acquired addressed. If it didn’t and you are still encountering high CPU/disk intake, feel complimentary to install the application earlier.

Equipment 5: Checking with Process Explorer

Process Explorer is a tool by Microsoft which mirrors you information concerning which DLL’s have been opened/loaded together with all the details about which parent procedure started it. It provides you information concerning the sources consumed, CPU consumption and so on. We can try checking for processes using rundll32.exe and also troubleshoot why they are utilizing it.

Once you have actually unzipped the package in an easily accessible directory, launch it. You will be greeted by a variety of procedures in addition to their details. Click on “File” at the optimal left and also select “Show Details for All Processes”. You might require administrator privileges to perdevelop this operation

Now locate the process “rundll32.exe”, right-click it and choose Properties. Navigate to the Image tab. Here you will certainly see the culprit i.e. which process is using the executable.

Do a small digging and also situate the application/organization. You can conveniently disable as organization using “solutions.msc” or uninstall an application choose we did prior to.

Systems 6: Uninstalling Lenovo Dependency Package

If you are running a Lenovo, you have to examine if the uninstallation of Lenovo Dependency Package solves your problem. It is a collection of services/motorists installed on a Lenovo machine to help the Metro application “Lenovo Settings”. By itself, the dependency package doesn’t perform anypoint. As a precaution, develop a restore allude for your Windows prior to percreating this solution.

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Press Windows + R, type “manage panel” in the dialogue box and also press Go into.Once in the regulate panel, select the category of “Uninstall a program” under the heading of “Programs”.