Windows host process disk usage

Like many kind of various other documents on Windows 10, such as Msmpeng.exe file, the rundll32.exe file would not take up a lot disk on your PC.

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Windows Host Process Rundll32.exe Overview

What is Windows Host Process Rundll32 Windows 10?

Why Does Windows 10 Rundll32.exe High Disk Usage Come to Your PC?

How to Fix Windows Host Process Rundll32.exe High Disk Usage Issue

Windows Host Process Rundll32.exe Overview

In this way, upon the moment as soon as you uncovered that the Windows host procedure rundll32 high CPU appeared, it is likely that the rundll32 Windows procedure occurred to some errors on Windows 10.

But the question is many of you also have no principle what the Windows organize procedure rundll32 does and also why rundll32.exe keeps popping up in Task Manager.

To satisfy your ends, this article will display you what the rundll32.exe is offered for and also exactly how you can settle Windows host procedure rundll32 high disk usage Windows 10 or high CPU. Of course, it is likewise easily accessible for you to learn why this rundll32 comes up at startup.

What is Windows Host Process Rundll32 Windows 10?

To put it in easier words, the rundll32.exe is the embedded tool together with Windows systems. It is greatly designed to activate certain functionalities in .exe records Windows 10, 8, and also 7.

To be more specific, if you feel like to acquire the hang of the usage of this Windows organize procedure rundll32, tright here is much have to obtain began from the DLL file. As it is shelp that in itself rundll32 possesses no feature, it is in DLL file, it becomes helpful on Windows 10.

DLL refers to Dynamic Link Library, which stores functionalities deserve to be supplied by applications. With the DLL, tright here is no need for the software application to build the prevalent usages within themselves. When being supplied, these applications will certainly navigate to .DLL papers and take benefit of these functionalities instantly.

In this sense, as soon as it comes to rundll32.exe, in truth, rundll32 has actually no usage itself, only as soon as it is linked through DLL deserve to it work for your mechanism.

What’s more, different usperiods call for the rundll32 to open up the different DLL part. For circumstances, if you are to leave the device promptly, you can let rundll32.exe elevate the user.exe version. Therefore, you are able to rotate off your COMPUTER quickly.

Why Does Windows 10 Rundll32.exe High Disk Usage Come to Your PC?

Generally, this Windows organize procedure rundll32.exe won’t eat a lot disk or CPU intake on Windows 10 since it will certainly be turned off immediately after being used.

On the other hand, unprefer .exe files, which are executable, this rundll32 would certainly not bring you dangers or virus when percreating the task.

How to Fix Windows Host Process Rundll32.exe High Disk Usage Issue

So as soon as you take place to any kind of errors in Windows hold process rundll32, be rundll32 high disk consumption or rundll32.exe keeps coming up on Windows 10, you would certainly better try some methods to remove the rundll32 disk error.


1: Run System Documents Checker

2: Monitor Windows Host Process Rundll32 Disk Usage Automatically

3: Disable Windows 10 Connected User Experience and Telemetry Service

4: Uninstall Google Chrome Application

5: Get in the Safe Setting in Windows 10

Equipment 1: Run System Documents Checker

As rundll32 is a mechanism file on Windows 10, you deserve to manipulate SFC (System Documents Checker) to detect the file worry on your PC. Perhaps this tool have the right to show you whether Windows organize process rundll32 is corrupted.

Hence you can settle this rundll32.exe high disk intake difficulty even more efficiently.

1. Type in Command also Prompt in the search box and also then appropriate click the outcome to Run as administrator.

2. In Command also Prompt, enter sfc/scannow and also then push Enter to perform SFC on Windows 10.


The minute you hit the Enter key, you can obviously observe that SFC is scanning mechanism documents, consisting of rundll32.exe.

Systems 2: Monitor Windows Host Process Rundll32 Disk Usage Automatically

If high disk consumption by Windows Host Process Rundll32 shows up on your PC now and also then, tright here is much need to supervise just how much disk room this rundll32 process takes up. At this suggest, Advanced SystemCare, being an all-in-one system optimizer, comes right into handy for you. It will certainly sell a Performance Monitor to you permitting you to examine the disk usage for various programs in real time.

Based on that, you deserve to additionally choose to remove this rundll32 and all the pertinent ones automatically as well utilizing Cutting edge SystemCare.

1. Download, install and run Advanced SystemCare.

Once you launched ASC, its regime icon will place in the device tray at the ideal bottom of the Desktop usually.

2. Right click Modern SystemCare regimen icon to Open Performance Monitor.


Immediately, Performance Monitor will certainly display screen on the Deskheight.

3. Click the ideal arrow icon of the Deskoptimal Performance Monitor to Maximize Performance Monitor.


4. In Performance Monitor, situate Disk and then hit the rate up icon.


You deserve to view Cutting edge SystemCare Performance Monitor will certainly immediately revolve off some unvital programs to spare more disk space. If Windows process rundll32 did eat up disk consumption, ASC will aid you temporarily disable it once compelled.

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Equipment 3: Disable Windows 10 Connected User Experience and Telemeattempt Service

In light of the research study and reports from many customers, protecting against the Telemeattempt organization for Windows 10 can to some level settle Windows host process rundll32.exe high disk intake on Windows 10.

In reality, there exists scientific proof why you can attempt to disable this Telemeattempt service from your PC. It is because of its intake. The Telemetry organization collects your device data and also renders a comparikid through the data on your computer. From this perspective, it may reason hazard to your system, such as rundll32.exe high CPU.

1. Press Windows + R to open up the Run box and also then input services.msc in package. Then click OK.

2. In Services home window, discover out Connected User Experience and Telemeattempt Service and best click it to relocate right into its Properties.


3. In Properties window, locate Startup type and then collection it as Disabled.


After that, stroke Apply and OK to save transforms.

4. Reboot your COMPUTER to take effect.

Now that the telemetry organization is finished and also you can check out the Windows host process rundll32 will certainly not cause you high disk consumption on Windows 10.

Systems 4: Uninstall Google Chrome Application

Judging from the complaints, the Google Chrome engine can cause rundlll32.exe keeps showing up on Windows 10.

As the Chrome controls a lot of the web information, you are supposed to rerelocate it from Windows 10 for the purpose of readdressing the Windows hold process rundll error.

1. Go to Control Panel.

2. In Control Panel, collection to View by Category and then click Uninstall a program under Programs.


3. Then in Programs and Features window, scroll down to locate the Google Chrome and also ideal click it to Uninstall it.

4. Rebegin your COMPUTER.

Without Google Chrome, possibly the Windows rundll32.exe error disappeared from Windows 10.

Or below you are additionally able to uninstall third-party applications in regulate panel in hope of avoiding them taking virus or dangers to the rundll32.exe.

Equipment 5: Get in the Safe Mode in Windows 10

The minute you are unable to solve Windows organize procedure rundll32 disk consumption error via the assist of the above techniques, you would certainly better try to go into the safe mode.

In safe mode, tbelow is a minimal set of programs running on Windows 10, which enables you to number out the reasons for the rundll32.exe Windows hold procedure high disk or CPU in Task Manager.

1. Search msconfig in the search box and also then press Enter to move into System configuration.

2. Under the Boot tab, under Boot options, check the box of Safe mode and then stroke Apply and also OK.


3. Then in the adhering to home window, choose to Restart.


Then Windows 10 will be rebooted and also as soon as the device logins in aobtain, you have the right to notification that your PC is in safe mode.

Now you will have addressed Windows host procedure rundll32 using 100% disk intake on Windows 10.

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May the ways above can assist you rerelocate the rundll32.exe high disk intake error in job manager on Windows 10.