Windows filtering platform has blocked a connection


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User Activity
Event Details
User Activity->Network-related and also Firewall Tracking->Windows Filtering Platform->Windows 2008->EventID 5156 - The Windows Filtering Platform has actually allowed a connection.
EventID 5156 - The Windows Filtering Platdevelop has actually permitted a connection.
LinkedEvent: EventID 5156 - The Windows Filtering Platdevelop has actually enabled a link. Sample: The Windows Filtering Platform has allowed a link.Application Information:Process ID:4Application Name:SystemNetwork-related Information:Direction:InboundSource Address:fe80::c1bc:6e78:ac4e:3eeSource Port:445Destination Address:fe80::c1bc:6e78:ac4e:3eeDestination Port:51736Protocol:6Filter Information:Filter Run-Time ID:6Layer Name:Receive/AcceptLayer Run-Time ID:46===========================Description theme stored in adtschema.dll:===========================The Windows Filtering Platdevelop has actually permitted a connection.Application Information:Process ID:%1Application Name:%2Netjob-related Information:Direction:%3Source Address:%4Source Port:%5Destination Address:%6Desticountry Port:%7Protocol:%8Filter Information:Filter Run-Time ID:%9Layer Name:%10Layer Run-Time ID:%11 Log Type: Windows Event Log Uniquely Identified By:
Filtering Field Equals to Value OSVersion Windows Vista (2008)Windows 7 (2008 R2)Windows 8 (2012)Windows 8.1 (2012 R2)Windows 10 (2016) Group Object Access Source Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing TaskGroup Filtering Platform Connection EventId 5156

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FieldDescriptionStored inSample Value When
At what date and also time a user task originated in the device. DateTime 10.10.2000 19:00:00
Who Account or user name under which the task occured. "Windows Filtering Platform" Windows Filtering Platdevelop
What The form of task occurred (e.g. Logon, Password Changed, etc.) "Connection allowed" Connection permitted
Where The name of the workstation/server where the task was logged. Computer DC1
Where From The name of the workstation/server wright here the task was initiated from. -
Severity Specify the seriousness of the event. "Low" Low
WhoDoprimary -
WhereDoprimary -
Process ID Application Information: Process ID 4
Process Name Application Information: Application Name System
Direction Netjob-related Information: Direction Inbound
Source Address Network Information: Source Address fe80::c1bc:6e78:ac4e:3ee
Source Port Network Information: Source Port 445
Tarobtain Address Netoccupational Information: Desticountry Address fe80::c1bc:6e78:ac4e:3ee
Taracquire Port Network-related Information: Desticountry Port 51736
Protocol Netjob-related Information: Protocol 6
Filter ID Filter Information: Filter Run-Time ID 6
Layer Name Filter Information: Layer Name Receive/Accept
Layer ID Filter Information: Layer Run-Time ID 46