Windows features searching for required files

For the Windows guest system, I desire to activate Windows Authentication, so I went for Turn Windows Features On/Off --> Net Indevelopment Services --> World Wide Net Services --> Security and checked Windows Authentication.

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Now the system ist stuck in Searching for required papers for practically fifty percent an hour! I already killed and also rebegan the procedure twice, outcome was eextremely time the very same. It is confmaking use of because on an additional, "real" Windows 10 (second PC) this functioned choose a charme.


Does someone recognize what"s wrong here? I searched Google for services, without success. Tbelow are only forum short articles through this problem about Net Frameoccupational 3.5 favor this one.

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I"m totally shed below. Please help!

windows-10 virtualbox windows-authentication
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asked Dec 11 "20 at 11:26

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