Windows failed to load because the kernel is missing or corrupt

My sisters Toshiba Lapoptimal running Windows Vista can"t get to the log-in anymore, it starts up and automatically after the mainToshibapage says:

File: Windowssystem32 toskrnl.exe

Status: 0xc00000e9

Info: Windows fairesulted in load bereason the kernel is lacking, or corrupt.

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Can this be resolved, or does somepoint must be replaced/repaired?

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In reply to ms.giggles's post on January 15, 2011

Hi ms.giggles,

I would suggest you to try perdeveloping a examine disk procedure from the Windows Recoexceptionally mode and then inspect if you’re able to boot to the desktop computer efficiently.

Steps to perform a inspect disk operation fromWindows Recoincredibly Options

You can aid settle some computer system problems and also enhance the performance of your computer system by making certain that your tough disk has no errors. If system reclaim doesn’t aid, then use the command prompt tool from the Windows Recoextremely alternatives and also then perdevelop check disk.

To run chkdsk from Windows Recoextremely Options

a.In the command also prompt, type chkdsk followed by one or a mix of switches detailed in step b and also c.

Note 1: You need to percreate inspect disk operation on C: drive. So, the command also to switch to C: drive would be chkdsk c: and also complied with by switches as provided in the actions further.

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b./f = The /f switch is the a lot of widespread of the chkdsk switches. It tells chkdsk to attempt and fix any type of errors it finds.

EX Type: chkdsk C:/f

Note 2: Answer Y as soon as chkdsk asks you if you want to examine the drive next time Vista boots (restarts).

c./r = The /r switch tells chkdsk to attempt to recuperate any type of negative sectors of the tough drive if any are found. A negative sector is a spot on the hard drive that cannot host conserved information anyeven more.

EX Type: chkdsk c:/r

Note: Answer Y once chkdsk asks you if you want to check the drive next time Windows Vista boots.

Warning:If inspect disk finds any type of poor sector, the information on the sector would be shed.

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Hope this information is helpful and let me know if you require any kind of better assistance.

Mouneshwar R – Support