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While searching for Windows.h, I discovered some quite annoying search behaviour on Windows 10. Rather than being presented through a single outcome of Windows.h, I was presented via an entire laundry list of files with "Windows" in them and also "h" in them, which is not what I wanted. Searching for "Windows.h" did not aid.

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How deserve to I search for Windows.h and also receive only files through specifically that name?




If you desire to enhance just filenames and also not file contents, you have the right to qualify the search with name: like:

name:Windows.hIf you want a specific filename match, you have the right to qualify the search via name:= like:



If you need to search for specific records, which consists of special personalities, such as (, ), spaces and also numbers in in between, then you"ll should tilde + quote it.

For instance, this is a wildcard search for all duplicated filenames, with any type of expansion, that Windows has added (0-9) before the dot:

~"* (?).*"


Note that ? will certainly capture any kind of single character, not just a digit, so above instance will also discover files/directories that have a room + any kind of single character in between parentheses + dot. For example: My Directory (A). with a dot.

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I uncovered quotes are crucial to execute this.

name:"Windows.h"If this does not work, one might try:

name:"Windows" ext:"h"This syntax seems, to me, to have changed recently, either through Explorer or Office applications, and also so browsing the internet for this has actually been cumbersome, speaking for myself. Thanks for your inputs.

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Using Windows 10 (10.0.17134 Build 17134)

Thanks to u/hudson4351, Reddit.

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