Windows experience index windows 7 not working

WEI starts OK and shows it is it runs via its normal cycle, but then quits; it displays an error message stating it could not complete because "the temp file required to perdevelop the work might not be put on the disk."

It operated when it was brand-new around 15 months back.Now each time I run it the specific exact same error message is presented.

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Can the application somejust how be reinstalled? Or does someone have any various other concept how to settle the problem.



Empty your short-lived folder. This is situated at %temp%. Then try it again, running as Administrator. –user3463 May 6 "11 at 2:48
You have the right to inspect for inconsistencies in windows apps by using

sfc /scannowfrom the command also line. watch if this fixes the difficulty.

If this fails to solve the problem check the pergoals on this folder and it"s sub folders

C:WindowsPerformanceThis is where all the WinSAT/WEI papers are stored throughout the test.


Check perobjectives on the folder C:WindowsPerformanceWinSAT. It"s the folder where Windows Experience Index stores its assessment outcome and also where it conserves temporary video records to assess decoding rate.

My system has actually the adhering to permissions:

SYSTEM and also AdministratorsFull control over Subfolders and files, andAlmany all pergoals assigned to This folder only except:Full control,Delete subfolders and also files,Change permissions, andTake ownership.

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TrustedInstaller has full perobjectives on This folder and subfolders.

You have the right to usage WinSAT command also line tool to determine which assessment fails. Most most likely, it"s disk or media assessment.

Try running the following regulates from elevated Command also Prompt:

WinSAT mediaWinSAT diskYou deserve to watch the log file in C:WindowsPerformanceWinSATwinsat.log.

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answered Jun 3 "14 at 6:09

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