Windows experience index could not measure video playback performance

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Hello!I"ve just set up Windows7 x64, yet i have some concerns !The Windows Experience index wont rate my pc!When I run the test i obtain to the allude wright here it claims that video playago can not be measured and it stops there!Aero doesn"t work too! When I run aero troubleshooter it states that Deskheight Windows manager is disabled . I revolve aero on yet it shuts off after 5 secs!I think i had actually same worry on beta wiht Windows desktop computer manager , it kept crashing!Also windows7 runs so slow , my taskbar is lagging and also sometimes don"t respond!I had actually the very same problem on beta variation of win7 x86!I have actually the lastest ATI motorists for windows7 64bit !Please help!!

Allright , i guess i need to confront that this is the initially topic didn"t recognize a response to ! Damn , waste of money this windows7

I think WMP is installed , well it is yet not working i can not play any kind of god damn file and also it freezes and also goes to not responding mode!
Auditt :It"s a fresh windows7 install , tried the default win7 motorists for my gfx card i gained the same outcome.Didn"t install any new driver various other than soundblaster"s and also my ATI"s so i dont think that is the case!
had this problem newly after installing a video clip codec solve the issue, i remounted the codec package, and also likewise, i opened wmp. it was a fresh install, and also i hadnt run wmp yet, so it hadnt set defaults.
5GbMS Security Essentials, Malwarebytes and an ad/malware blocking Hosts file (provides zero resources) is all you require for a bullet proof device.

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Hmm , i did not put any kind of video codec .

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Did you open wmp or did you not? I didn"t understand also you there!Also i recognize wmp might be the reason for video playback performance thingy , however could it additionally be for my aero to crash choose a ***** everytime i try to start it?

I had actually the same difficulty. It was from a failure of winsat.exe (the engine computing the Windows Experience Index (WEI) in Win7) to play the file Clip_1080_5sec_10mbps_h264 in the Windows/Performance/WinSAT folder (the various other clips in the folder play fine for me). This file is played throughout the WEI phase "Tuning Media Decoding". When it falls short, the computer system appears to lock up, but it really still running, updating the desktop computer at about 1 structure per second. This provides if very hard to move the computer mouse or to obtain out of windows even by making use of the ctl-alt-delete strategy. But it can be done if you are patient enough to perform so.I have actually exactly the same difficulty with either the ATI 4670 or brand-new ATI HD5850 graphics card. It occurs with the Win7 RTM vehicle drivers (in the case of the 4670) or the latest Win7 catalyst drivers from the AMD (ATI) website for both the cards. I can not prove it, I suspect that tright here might be an problem through the ATI graphics vehicle drivers. Of course, if other manufacturer"s cards have the exact same difficulty, it is earlier onto Win7, although it seems practically impossible that the Microsoft testers did not run WEI via a broad selection of cards.In my instance, after numerous hours of swapping hardware, reinstalls of various Win7 software program, the only solution if have actually found is to remove the Win 7 Aero mode by utilizing a non-Aero Theme. To execute so, appropriate Click on the desktop, pick "Personalize" and also pick a Basic and also High Contrast template - choose Windows 7 Basic.You will certainly lose the AERO functions, but WEI will certainly run - at least on my machine!Hopetotally either an update to Win7 or the graphics motorists will deal with the issue shortly.