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All of a sudden, while working on my lapoptimal, I obtained the message in the title: Consider Replacing your Battery. And it absolutely freaked me out – also though I had actually been using the lapheight for a few years currently, it was not an cost I was prepared to make.

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But execute you really have to listen to the Windows warning that tells you to relocation your laptop’s battery? That’s what we’re going to talk around today!

Further investigations on the matte verified that Windows thinks that there is indeed a difficulty via my laptop’s battery, warning me that the lapoptimal can shut dvery own suddenly and also without warning.

This suggests that the battery itself is nearing its life cycle, yet fortunately that doesn’t expect it is entirely unusable. On the contrary.

I started obtaining the message over a couple of years back and also ever considering that, I have passed the exact same laptop via its unreadjusted battery over to a relative that necessary one and they are making use of it today without a trouble.

Sure, after all these years and also complying with the “consider replacing your laptop’s battery” message, the lappeak itself can only last – the bad fellow – roughly 1 hour on a full charge, but my relative has no problem just keeping it plugged in at all times.

The point below is that the majority of most likely, you don’t need to rush to readjust your laptop’s battery once you start seeing this message as you will more than likely have the ability to use the lapheight – also though not via optimal battery power – for years to come.

Consider Replacing Your Laptop’s Battery: What to do?

You don’t view that frequently on a tech blog, but my referral is not to perform much. The error message itself could be nopoint but an insect – Windows has actually announced that there’s a bug in their battery reporting a couple of years earlier and even though a settle could have actually been rolled out because, it might still be it.

So as lengthy as your battery won’t instantly get drained after a charge and also as long as your lappeak is not shutting down without warning, running out of juice… you must simply neglect the message.

There’s actually a method for you to stop it from reflecting at all. Here is just how to do it:

1. Right click the battery icon on the Windows taskbar in the right edge and also select “Power options”.

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2. In the pop up home window that shows up, select “Change setup settings” alongside the power arrangement you’re currently making use of (in my instance, High Performance), then click “Change progressed power settings”


3. In the brand-new window, scroll down to the bottom where you will check out the “Battery” choice. Double click it to have actually it show you some of the settings, as watched below:


What you want to execute is change the numbers that Windows provides to create warnings:

Low battery level (on Battery): 7%Critical battery level (on battery): 5%Reserve battery level (on battery): 3%

This basically instructs Windows exactly how to attend to your battery’s power and also what to think about “low battery”. It will likewise shut dvery own and conserve your session if the battery’s juice runs down to 3% (commonly, that happens at approximately 7%).

This also suggests that you will have more time on your hand also prior to the annoying messages appear and also still enough battery juice for the computer to safely turn off without you shedding data.

4. After making the alters above, scroll down to “Low battery action” and also select “Do nothing”. This means that you won’t gain the “Consider replacing your battery” message as soon as your battery goes dvery own to 7%.

Also make sure that the “Critical battery action” is set to Hibernate.

This will obtain you rid of the annoying error message you gain in Windows.

If this still doesn’t fix your trouble, below is what you must know:

As long as your lapoptimal works simply fine and it can still sell you as many type of minutes or hours on a complete battery charge as you did when you purchased it, then your battery is simply fine and also you don’t really have to replace it.

Even if your battery can’t sell the exact same power because of its old age – as this is the a lot of likely reason for the error message – you still don’t need to concern a lot as long as you keep your charger surrounding and also recharge your laptop as essential.

This does make your laptop much less portable, yet it will still work-related.

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Remember that using your lapoptimal constantly via the charger plugged in additionally reduces battery life in the lengthy run, so if this is something you constantly carry out, you should try to get rid of this poor halittle and also just plug it in as soon as the battery’s running out and also unplug the charger as shortly as that’s filled up.

But don’t rush to adjust the battery just because the mechanism claims so. In the majority of cases it’s wrong and as lengthy as you don’t have actually a real trouble, there’s no need to settle it, right?

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