Windows command processor windows 10

When i open the chrome internet browser lots of WCP procedure run parallel in background and my lapoptimal is freezing at some time .How to fix this issue?

I attached a screenshot of the job manger listed below.

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Hi Dhananjay,I am Sumit, an Independent Advisor and also a 2-Year Windows Insider MVP here to help.Normally, CMD doesn"t run in the background unless some regime says that so. As a first action, run Malwarebytes to discover if it is malware.Malwarebytes Cybersecurity for Windows, Mac, Android & iOShttps://www.malwarebytes.comDisclaimer:This is a website which would administer specific and safe indevelopment. Watch out for ads on the website which are commonly classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Products). There is no must buy paid commodities to resolve your computers as they perform even more damage than great occasionally.
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Right click on among the processors and then click on Open file locationand check out wright here does it located?

Try run scan through Windows Defender Offline:

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This appears to be legitimate routine however tright here is suspicious that somepoint can execute it.

Try run complete scan via Windows Defender.

Try uninstall Google Chrome and also restart your COMPUTER and also then reinstall it.

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This seems to be legitimate regimen however tbelow is suspicious that something could execute it.

Try run full scan with Windows Defender.

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Try uninstall Google Chrome and restart your PC and then reinstall it.

i simply use a third party virus guard call malware byte and did a complete shave the right to delete some records developed by the chrome and now it appears fine... i think.Is it sufficient to use defender only?does it provide internet security?

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I am saying this from experience, Windows Defender is doing good task specifically if it has cloud security revolve on. But sometimes it is excellent to run Malwarebytes scanner just to view if whatever is okay. I commonly, recommend report all suspicious tasks to Anti-Malware team. So commonly we are using Windows Defender and also as soon as we detect anypoint suspicious, we report them to You might likewise check and also make sure automatic sample submission is on.