Windows cant find rundll32 exe

Can someone help me, I am trying to open papers and folders, and also all I acquire is Windows can"t uncover C;WINDOWSsystem32 undll32.exe and also stop me so gains accessibility. I was told that I could uncover the file on another computer stick in my memory stick and reapply, just problem I have actually is I do not recognize where its located. I"m on home windows XP.

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Thank you extremely much

Thanks for the pointer, Lisa! I tried the link but it states web page is more noticed.

You take place to know any kind of other solution for that darn lacking file? I can not open all the apps in my manage panel! ACK!

Someone found a solution to this difficulty yet? Thanks a lot for any kind of attempt to answer!


EDIT: I GOT IT! Browsing the internet, I came throughout this answer:

Find a copy of rundll32.exe in the folder c:windowssystem32dllcache or c:windowsservicepackfilesi386.If you uncover it, go ahead and also copy rundll32.exe in the cwindowssystem32 of the device folder.

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Otherwise you need a home windows disk to extend this fichier.* *.

I have actually dd a search on my computer system for the file "rundll32.exe" and also he came in two different folders on my hard drive. But it MUST be in c:windowssystem32 (file tbelow lack of). I uncovered the file in the folder dllcache as displayed over, then simply copied and also pasted in the system32 folder. And WALLAH! Problem addressed and control panel and all the rest works simply fine now! So simple! I hope it works for you, the human being who are still struggling with this problem!


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When you receive this error message?

I have windows XP. I obtained the following message: windows cannot discover 'C:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe' - just how have the right to I resolve it?

See above

To resolve this worry, follow these steps:

Placed the CD ROM Windows XP disc in the CD ROM driveClick Start and then click run .Type expand X: i386 undll32.ex_ c:windowssystem32 undll32.exe in the Open box, wbelow X is the letter of your CD drive.Restart the computer.

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