Windows cannot find c program files microsoft office 15

acquired a client that has actually a problem that emerged now on a Windows 7 PC where the above error occurs once trying to open up any type of Office 2013 app.

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It was fine yesterday.

Tried opening the Exe files form the said brochure. scanned for Malware, System regain failed. Tbelow appears to be a couple of threads online however no solution. People even reported re-installing office has actually not resolved it.

Hoping someone has actually a quick an easy solution (That have the right to be done remotely).

Which of the complying with retains the information it's storing as soon as the device power is turned off?

Slight amendment the error route is "home windows cannot find the file c: egimen filesmicrosoft office15 ootoffice 15winword.exe"


Are you able to do a search with all the PC records for winword.exe? It might be looking in the wrong location.

As an aside, deserve to you gain them onto a supported Windows OS rather than one past EOL?

2300peterw wrote:

Are you able to do a search through all the COMPUTER files for winword.exe? It may be looking in the wrong place.

As an aside, have the right to you acquire them onto a sustained Windows OS fairly than one past EOL?

Thanks for the reply.

No I didnt search it however the various office papers perform reside in that folder which I uncovered and also I tried running it straight from that folder, still the exact same.

Unmuch less someone comes up via a quick resolve solution my reference will certainly be to bin the machine which is lengthy overdue for replacement anymethod and put something new in. Its not worth me spending hrs poking roughly via it from the other end of the country.

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bdpoop Jun 11, 2020 at 09:06 UTC

Client uncovered the solution themselves. Its an AVG Tune up problem apparently. She tried to uninstall office and also reinstall yet as suspected it didnt work-related. Then she uncovered the solution on the AVG forum. Here it is.

Turns out there’s a recentproblem via AVG tuneup blocking programmes from opening, nothing to do through MSOffice (despite me uninstalling and reinstalling).

AVG forums are alight with itthis particular day.

I had actually to go right into the registryand also adjust some stuff (scary but it worked) and unmounted AVG tuneup (infobelow in situation it comes up aacquire for you):


disable the Song Up Sleep Filterby establishing the "UseFilter" DWORD from 1 to 0 in your regisattempt in

ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionImage Documents Execution Options

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Peter (Avast)

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Jun 11, 2020 at 16:06 UTC

Brand Representative for Avast Business

bdpoop​ Thanks for clarifying the problem here. I have passed this on to our consumer team.

Reading through the articles it appears that this has actually currently been addressed, though! Reinstalling TuneUp have to settle the trouble yet please let us understand if you encounter any type of better trouble.


Here is even more advantageous information; our team well-known this as a well-known concern and operated quickly to solve it and also release a fix. Users deserve to resolve the problem by either automatic routine upday or hands-on reinstall. Links to the details of the worry and the installation records deserve to be found right here.

Oops, something's wrong listed below.

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