Windows backup failed while determining libraries location

I"m obtaining this error dialog whenever before I try to ago up and also I have no concept what to perform around it:

Windows Backup: Troubleshooting Options

Check your backup

Windows Back-up failed while determining libraries place of among the users included in backup.

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Details: BitLocker Drive Encryption cannot be provided bereason crucial BitLocker system documents are missing or corrupted. Use Windows Startup Repair to regain these files to your computer system.

Error code: 0x81000031

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Mark Cidade
asked Jul 16 "09 at 2:25

Mark CidadeMark Cidade
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Are you using BitLocker to encrypt a folder? Perhaps the Windows 7 backup has no accessibility to these papers which blcoks the backup from working

answered Jul 16 "09 at 6:25

Ivo FlipseIvo Flipse
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i discovered that by just depicking "pictures" in my user Libraries backup establishing, it works properly, so i deleted it and then did recovered default Libraries. trouble fixed.

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answered Aug 22 "17 at 11:17

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