Windows backup error code 0x8100002f

Some Windows users are encountering the 0x8100002F error code after trying to back up their documents utilizing Windows Backup. This problem is confirmed to take place on both Windows 7 and also Windows 10.

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Backup Error Code 0x8100002F

After investigating this issue, it turns out that tbelow are numerous different reasons that might finish up resulting in this certain error. Here’s a shortlist of potential culprits that could be responsible for this issue:

Backed up library includes custom folders – As it turns out, you can intend to watch this error if you’re trying to back up a library that includes practice folders situated under your user profile. If this scenario is applicable, you have the right to deal with this concern by moving the library folder from the user profile path to a location outside the user profile route or by forcing the backup to disregard this folder.Windows Backup falls short to ago up papers in LocalLow, Contacts, and Searcs folders – Anvarious other fairly widespread occurrence that will generate this error is an circumstances in which Windows Backup is forced to back up files that are not actually present on the computer system. In this situation, you deserve to either disregard the message or you can exclude the folders from the documents and also backup in the Back-up settings food selection.The procedure is interrupted by Hard Driver Errors – If the drive targeted by the Windows Backup utility is impacted by negative sectors or blocks, this energy should have the ability to deal with the majority of superficial problems that could reason this habits.

Now that you are familiar via eextremely potential culprit that can be responsible for this problem, here’s a list of approaches that various other affected individuals have actually efficiently used to settle the 0x8100002F error code:

Method 1: Exclude or Move the Problematic Library File

If the problem is emerging if you attempt to back up a library that has custom folders located under your user profile, you deserve to ssuggest disregard the 0x8100002F error code altogether.

However, if you want to perform somepoint around it to ensure that the following backup doesn’t return the very same error, you have 2 alternatives obtainable to you:

Move the library folder from the user profile course to a location exterior the user profile path. Exclude the library from the list of documents that Windows Backup backs up. 

To accommoday both potential fixes, we have put together 2 sepaprice sub-guides. Make certain to follow the one applicable to the kind of deal with that you desire to implement.

A. Moving the problematic Library Folder

When the error message pops up, look at the location that is being signaled as a course that is unable to be reached. In our example, that course is C:Users\Contacts.Once you are conscious of the problematic Library folder, open File Explorer, and also navigate to the place. When you are there, right-click on the library in question and also choose Cut from the context food selection that just appeared.
Moving the problematic Library fileOnce the problematic library is relocated, repeat the Windows Back-up attempt and view if the issue is now resolved.

B. Excluding the Problematic Library Folder

Note: We’ve made the instructions listed below global so you can follow them on Windows 7 and also Windows 10.

Press Windows crucial + R to open up a Run dialog box. Inside the text box, kind ‘control’ and also push Enter to open up the Standard Control Panel interface.
Opening Control PanelOnce you’re inside the Classic Control Panel interchallenge, use the search function in the top-ideal section of the screen to search for ‘windows backup‘. Next off, from the list of outcomes, click Backup and Restore.
Accessing the Windows Back-up utility using Control PanelInside the Back-up and Restore home window, click Set a Backup hyperconnect on the right-hand also area of the screen and click Yes when triggered by the UAC prompt.
Setting a BackupOnce you’re inside the energy, choose a viable partition to develop the backup or save it over the network-related by clicking on Save on a network.At the next screen, pick the Let me choose toggle prior to clicking on the Next food selection.
Choosing the functions you desire to exclude for Windows BackupNext, from the following menu, go ahead and browse to the area of the library folder that was triggering the error and also unexamine the toggle linked with it before clicking Next.

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Once you have actually excluded the library folder that was formerly triggering the error, click on Save settings and also run backup, and wait for the operation to finish.
Running the tradition backup attempt

If the backup attempt ends with the same 0x8100002F error code even after you complied with the instructions above, relocate dvery own to the next potential resolve below.

Method 2: Exclude LocalLow, Contacts, and also Searcs Folders

If the reason why you are seeing the 0x8100002F error is that Windows is unable to back up the LocalLow, Contacts, and also Searches folders, you can protect against the error by modifying the Windows Backup to especially avoid those places.

Several affected users have shown that the instructions below have actually ultimately permitted them to complete the backup process without seeing the same 0x8100002F error.

Here are the step-by-action instructions that will display you how to exclude the LocalLow, Contacts, and also Searches folders from the existing Windows Backup attempt and future attempts:

Press Windows vital + R to open up a Run dialog box. Next, kind ‘control’ inside the message box and push Enter to open up the Standard Control Panel interchallenge.Inside Control Panel, usage the search attribute (top-ideal section) to search for ‘home windows backup‘. Then, from the list of results, click on Back-up and also Restore.Once you’re inside the Backup and Restore and click on Set up backup from the list of choices. Note: When prompted by the UAC (User Account Control), click Yes to give admin access.At the first prompt, pick a viable choice where you want to save the backup and click Next off.At the next prompt, select the Let me choose toggle and also click Next when aget.Next, expand also the drop-dvery own food selection associated through Data documents, then expand also the ‘*Your UserName* Libraries‘ entry. Note: *Your UserName* is simply a placeholder. Your screen will contain the actual name of your PC.Expand the Additional Locations drop-down food selection, then go ahead and depick checkboxes associated with the AppDocuments folderContacts, and Searches.Next, Expand also Computer’s drop-down menu, expand also the item for your device drive (for example Local Disk (C:)), then Users > *YourUsername* and then click to choose the AppDataContacts, and Searches checkboxes if they exist.Finally, click Next, then Save settings and also run backup, then wait for the procedure to be complete.
Excluding LocalLow, Contacts, and Searches folders from Windows backup

In instance this approach didn’t enable you to fix the 0x8100002F error code, move dvery own to Method 3.

Method 3: Updating or Uninstalling the NVIDIA USB EHCI Chipset

If the factor why you are encountering the 0x8100002F error is a problem between the NVIDIA USB Enhanced Host Controller Interchallenge (EHCI) chipset driver and a generic identical, you can settle the problem by updating or uninstalling the NVIDIA USB EHCI chipset driver.

Several affected customers that were managing the very same worry have actually regulated to fix the problem by updating the dedicated Nvidia driver or by uninstalling it and also allowing the generic driver to take its location.

To make this process less complicated, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Press Windows vital +, R to open up up a Run dialog box. Next off, kind ‘devmgmt.msc’ inside the message box and push Enter to open up the Device Manager utility.
Opening Device ManagerOnce you’re inside Device Manager, scroll dvery own with the list of installed gadgets and expand the drop-dvery own menu associated via USB Connector managers.Inside the USB Connector Managers, right-click on NVIDIA USB EHCI chipset enattempt and select Update driver from the context food selection.
Updating the NVIDIA USB EHCI chipset driverAt the following display screen, click on Search automatically for updated driver software program, then follow the on-display screen prompts to complete the installation of the new driver version in case a new variation is found. Note: in instance the utility doesn’t discover a brand-new variation of the driver, sindicate go-ahead and right-click it, and also choose Uninstall device from the conmessage food selection. This will certainly remove the dedicated drive gave by NVIDIA and rearea it via a generic tantamount.Rebegin your computer and also view if the concern is currently resolved.

In situation the exact same problem is still developing, move down to the following potential fix below.

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Method 4: Using a 3rd party Alternative

If none of the potential fixes above have been reliable in your specific scenario, the just point you have the right to do at this allude is to dump the built-in backup utility and go for a 3rd party different.

Due to the fact that there are many various 3rd party utilities that will certainly help you perform this, we’ve made a shortlist of the most efficient and also robust solution that has a totally free version: