Windows 8.1 map network drive

If the “map netjob-related drive” symbol is not reflecting in Documents Explorer in Windows 8 and also Windows 8.1, this post is for you.

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I don’t need to map network drives often lately. SharePoint, various participation tools, and also the cloud made file sharing somehow obsolete. However, we sometimes still should map network shares. With every new Windows variation, Microsoft areas the “map network-related drive” icon in another place in Documents Explorer. After I find the command also, I typically don’t use it aacquire for a couple of months, and then I begin searching aacquire.

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The trouble started with Windows Vista. If I remember appropriately, one had actually to push the ALT key to make the food selection show up in Documents Explorer (Windows Explorer, as it was called then). It drove me nuts till I discovered this. If you still have actually a Vista machine, please confirm.

Windows 7 ^

In Windows 7, the food selection appears by default in File Explorer, and also you deserve to uncover the “map network-related drive” command in the Tools menu.

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Map netoccupational drive in Windows 7

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ^

Compared to Windows Vista, that was basic. Windows 8 and also Windows 8.1 raised the level of challenge aget. The Tools menu disappeared, and the “map netjob-related drive” option is currently in the Computer Ribbon. If the Ribbon is minimized, you have to click the Computer menu. The tricky component is that the Ribbon is just shown if you click the Computer symbol (Windows 8) or the This PC icon (Windows 8.1) in the File Explorer’s navigating pane. For some reason, I constantly assume that I have to click the Network symbol, which is not the situation.



Map network drive in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

I intend that, after writing this write-up, I will certainly never aobtain forget how to map network-related drives. Let’s check out wright here this feature will certainly be covert in Windows 9.