Windows 8.1 maintenance in progress

Modern Windows versions come through an Automatic Maintenance function. It percreates miscellaneous optimization tasks while you are amethod from your COMPUTER or when your COMPUTER is idle or has a low level of activity. These tasks encompass disk defragmentation, Windows Update cache optimizations, Security Essentials/Defender scans and also many kind of such maintenance jobs.

While Automatic Maintenance is helpful, some customers might like doing these optimizations themselves manually. Also some may not desire Automatic Maintenance to interrupt their activity. If you think you are much better off without this feature, here is exactly how you have the right to disable it.
Automatic Maintenance have the right to be disabled using the Task Scheduler. If you open Automatic Maintenance settings in the Action Center, you will uncover that it has a booked job which wakes up the PC to percreate optimizations. To disable it, you have to untick the appropriate checkbox and also disable the job in Task Scheduler. Here are step-by-step instructions for that:Now, go to Control PanelSystem and SecurityAdministrative Tools. Click the Task Scheduler icon.In the left pane, open the following path:

Task Scheduler Library Microsoft Windows TaskSchedulerIn the right pane, find the Regular Maintenance job. Right click it and also select "Disable" from its conmessage menu.

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You simply disabled Automatic Maintenance in Windows 8. To enable it ago,

Enable the Regular Maintenance job in Task Scheduler.Tick the choice "Allow booked maintenance to wake up my computer at the scheduled time" in Action Center.

That"s it. You are done.

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Paul Bush April 1, 2015 at 8:28 pm

I have actually deleted Automatic Maintenance from the task scheduler in Windows 8.1. How can I acquire this back.

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