Windows 8.1 hdmi not working

I freshly purchased a new lappeak via Windows 8, which I had never before tried prior to (so I am new to this). I updated to 8.1 the various other day, and afterwards I tried connecting the lapheight to a brand new LG HD TV with the HDMI ports. I opened the "Project" menu and schosen "Duplicate", and while I check out somepoint readjust on my laptop screen (it flickers, and the resolution/colours change), the TV picks up no signal.

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The HDMI port on the TV is working properly (tried it with one more device), and so is the HDMI cable. Tright here is some kind of connection happening because the TV enables the HDMI input only once somepoint is detected on the other side of the cable.
I have checked out that it could be a well-known worry with Windows 8.1, yet I can"t uncover a solution anywhere. My laptop has actually an incorporated Intel GPU and an nVidia GeForce 740M, and also I believed perhaps the trouble was that it uses the Intel card as a conventional, only switching to the nVidia when important, yet the HDMI is "controlled" by the nVidia. So I"ve tried disabling the integrated GPU (to no avail - it simply switches to the Basic one rather than to the better card - this has actually been checked through dxdiag), and also uninstalling and also reinstalling the nVidia drivers (which were up to day to start with). I have checked the BIOS to check out if I could adjust the priorities, but tbelow was no alternative prefer I check out on my Windows 7 desktop.
Is there anything else I have the right to try? It appears really silly to me that I cannot use the HDMI output at all!
Thank you for any type of assist.
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Replied on January 19, 2014
In reply to NicholasFrc's short article on January 5, 2014

Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for the updays.

Since the issue persists, you might attempt the complying with measures and check:

Method 1:

Please follow the actions provided below to uninstall the display screen driver.

a) PressWindows crucial + X key once you are at desktop.b) Select Device Manager.

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c) Find and also double-click Display driver from the left panel to uninstall.d) Right-click the device, and click Uninstall.e) Windows will prompt you to confirm the device’s removal. Click OK to rerelocate the driver.f) After the uninstallation is finish, reboot your computer.After you have actually efficiently unmounted the driver, please go to the computer system manufacturer’s webwebsite, downpack the Windows 8.1 display driver for NVidia and also check.

Method 2:

You might also inspect withLG support to watch if you need to install any kind of firmware updates for the TV.

You may also attempt running the Windows Updates and also install all the obtainable updays consisting of the optional driver and also firmware updays.

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Windows Update: Frequently Asked Questions

You may likewise describe the posts and check:

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Hope the information helps. Let us recognize if you need even more assistance via Windows associated concerns. We will be happy to assist.