Windows 8.1 audio not working

Reader Question:“Hi Wally, Audio quit functioning considering that I upgraded to Windows 8.1, is somepoint wrong through my computer?“ - Matthew W., Canada

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Wally’s Answer: In Windows 8.1 problems with the audio generally happen because of driver concerns and basic points prefer not connecting wires effectively. Many of these difficulties have the right to be addressed by confirming if the speakers are connected and also the audio is otherwise functioning by connecting the speakers to a phone or tablet.


Audio is not working since upgrading to Windows 8.1


Speakers are not linked correctly.The Audio Driver is not functioning.


Here are some prevalent Windows 8.1 audio problems and their remedies.

Speakers are not linked or wired correctly

Make certain that the speakers are powered. If they have a power wire then make sure it’s linked and that the speakers are on. Also, inspect the audio cable for the speakers and also make certain that it’s linked to the green port through the speaker logo behind the CPU. In case you have USB speakers, affix the USB cable to use them.

Make certain to connect the speakers to the correct audio card in instance your computer system has 2 audio cards mounted on the earlier of the CPU. If you watch that the media player is playing the video or audio however you can’t hear anything then you can have plugged the speakers (or headphones) in the wrong port.

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The Windows 8.1 Audio Driver Is Not Working

You can usage the Windows 8.1 Device Manager to search for the driver digital. Audio motorists of most tools registered through Windows can be uncovered by using the device manager.

Press Windows Key + X > click Device ManagerIn the Device Manager home window, right-click the device > click Update Driver Software…
Click Search automatically for updated driver software
Wait for it to find and also install the Audio driver

If this does not job-related then you have the right to also attempt downloading and install and installing the audio driver from your computer manufacturer’s webwebsite. You have the right to also instantly install any driver utilizing driver utilities like DriverDoc to make your job much easier.

Issues With Realtek High Definition Audio On Windows 8.1

Some human being have been having audio troubles via laptop computers utilizing MSI motherboards and Realtek high interpretation audio. Using the Windows tool manager does not really occupational in this case and also you need to install drivers from the manufacturer’s webwebsite.

Use this connect to gain the latest driver from Realtek’s webwebsite.

The Audio Still Doesn’t Work

If the audio still won’t occupational then you should attempt contacting assistance. Go to your computer system manufacturer’s website and ask them for assist.

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Is Your COMPUTER Healthy?

I always recommfinish to my readers to on a regular basis use a trusted registry cleaner and optimizer such as WinThruster or CCleaner. Many difficulties that you enrespond to have the right to be attributed to a corrupt and also bloated regisattempt.