Windows 7 not updating after clean install

Just wiped hardrive clean and set up home windows 7 and also currently can"t update. Printer nor bluetooth adapter won"t install. Tried following instructions on a few various other articles wright here windows will not update and nothing appears to be functioning. Thanks!

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EDIT: I wonder if the printer and bluetooth issues stem from the truth that you are lacking important, prerequiwebsite Windows patches?


I imply following this specific sequence, exactly as provided.

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It consists of what may be a few extra measures for some users (such as disconnecting from the internet), however it has verified to be reliably effective for me and for many kind of, many other customers. 

It should only take a couple of minutes and also a pair of reboots.


On a fresh Win7 installation, you might must first activate Windows and also to install the standalone variation of IE11 by means of the offline installer, in order for this to work:

Disconnect from the internet.Disable the Windows Upday organization in both the applet itself ("never check for updates") AND from solutions.msc (scroll down to "Windows Update", RIGHT-click > "properties" > readjust it to "manual" and also STOP the organization, then click "OK").REBOOTRun 3125574 and also reboot.Run 3020369 and reboot.Run 3172605 and also reboot.Enter services.msc and adjust WU back to "Automatic-delayed start" and begin the service.Reaffix to internet.Change WU to "notify me, but let me choose".Run a hands-on inspect for updates.

These patches aid to fix worries via WU client.

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The principle is that you are going to install them from the standalone (offline) installers that you have actually downloaded in your area to your computer, NOT using Windows Upday.

So, if Windows Update is partly or completely allowed once you try this, you will certainly more than likely gain stuck "checking for updates".

WU must be turned off first, in order to have the ability to install those standalone patches.

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